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Name: monicawoe, User:Monicawoe
Alias(es): Monica Woe
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: SPN, Hannibal, Venom, MCU
Communities: sammessiah, spn-swsao, 12mowrimo
URL: monicawoe's LJ
monicawoe on DW
monicawoe on AO3
monicawoe on Tumblr
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Monicawoe is a writer in multiple fandoms, including but not limited to Supernatural, MCU, Hannibal, and Venom.

In the Supernatural fandom, she is a prolific writer of King of Hell Sam Winchester fics, including Theosis. She also wrote an extensive post of phonetic Enochian translations referenced by the Supernatural wiki.

In the MCU fandom, she's known for writing How They Make You a Weapon, a second person fic told from the POV of Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes which has been adopted into a comic by luckyraeve.

Monicawoe is a co-moderator of the 12mowrimo writer's community on LJ, and does the monthly statistics for the group. 12mowrimo was created by de_nugis

Notable Fics and Fanworks

Monicawoe has collaborated with many artists and writers, and runs joint tumblr blogs with Quickreaver at Blood & Pie and Luckyraeve at HTMYAW


The majority of monicawoe’s spn fics are gen. Her Sam Winchester fics explore multiple variants of King of Hell Sam, including Sam as Azazel’s boy King in Burdens Doublefold, Sam as the human reincarnation of Lucifer in The Devil's in the Details, and Sam as the physical embodiment of Hell in the Counteroffer series. She often writes Sam drinking demon blood, and has also written him consuming monster blood and angel grace.

Theosis cover.jpg

Theosis with art by Quickreaver
When Sam comes to, the world is tinged with red.


All Our Wrath and Cutting Beauty with art by Quickreaver
Sam killed Alistair, but not before Alistair reminded Dean of who and what he'd become in Hell. Dean knows Sam can take down Lilith, and he'll make damn sure Sam gets strong enough to do just that. They'll stop the Apocalypse -- together, no matter how many bodies stack up, or how much blood is spilt.

BtDatDPS cover.jpg

The Devil's in the Details with art by Quickreaver
When Sam opened Lucifer’s Cage, the only thing he found inside was Lucifer’s grace – his grace. With the return of his grace, Sam remembered his past – his war against the Host, his Fall, and his plans to bring about the End. The thing is…he doesn’t want the Apocalypse anymore. He likes things the way they are, and tries everything to keep his identity a secret- especially from Dean. Of course, the four Horsemen, Hell and Heaven have other ideas.

Nod cover.jpg

The Last Days in the Land of Nod comic adaptation by Quickreaver
The year is 2014. The Devil is wearing his finest, the Angel is human, and the Brother protects the survivors at Camp Chitaqua.


He Who Fights Monsters co-written with nwspaprtaxis, art by Quickreaver
MMA demon-cagefighting AU of the summer between Seasons 3 and 4. Dean's dead, dragged down kicking and screaming to Hell. Sam's not dealing well. And Ruby’s got her work cut out for her.

QR ravens.jpg

The Two Ravens with art by Quickreaver
Your brother he is, and heir to my throne. He’ll feed on the damned and he'll turn them to bone.

Burdens Doublefold co-written with Quickreaver, art by ileliberte
What if Dean left Sam at Stanford after the fire, hoping it would keep his little brother safe and make things better? Somehow, 'better' never seems to be in the Winchester Family cards. Sam gets tangled up with his ex-roommate Brady, tracking psychics, but dealing with demons is never honest business.

Make Angels of Us All with art by amberdreams
Sam has a guardian angel. It’s been with him his whole life, trying to keep him safe. The angel gives Sam power he can’t control: power to move things with his mind, power over fire, and wings that nobody else can see—bony and jagged with scaly feathers. Dean says monsters aren't real, but Dad thinks they are. Sam's power scares him, and he’s not always sure what's real, but what he does know is people keep trying to kill the three of them, and he won't let that happen.


In the MCU fandom monicawoe primarily writes Stucky fics. She has written about the immediate fallout of Zola’s experimentation on Bucky Barnes in Bad Becomes Worse, Bucky’s time in Bucharest, and contributed to the Yelp page for Coney Island Design & Construction, part of Cesperanza's 4 Minute Window series

HTMYAW cover art.jpg

How They Make You a Weapon comic adaptation by Luckyraeve
A lovingly detailed fic about how Hydra turned Bucky Barnes into the Winter Soldier, told through the Winter Soldier's eyes.

Steve and Frog.png

The Long Road to Lynbrook with art by alby_mangroves
Six years ago, Bucky left the hamlet of Lynbrook to battle against the Knights of Hydra. Steve has missed him ever since, and refuses to believe he's dead. One night, Steve finds a frog at the well— a frog with one metal arm.


Gonna Make It After All fanvid collaboration with Cesperanza and Astolat