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Unpopular Fannish Opinions often aren't.

Unpopular Fannish Opinions, in the capital letters-requiring sense, are statements fans post (often to their blogs) about their general stance on a contentious topic within fandom. Unpopular Fannish Opinions is also the name of a meme that consists of making these posts.

Typical topics for Unpopular Fannish Opinions are things like:

  • Fandom X is much worse/better than everyone thinks it is
  • Character Y is a wangsty jerk, not a woobie
  • Views on recent wanks or imbroglios
  • Views on broad classes of fanworks or fans such as slash or white otaku
  • Topics related to shipping
  • The quality of writing or fan reactions to certain moments in a canon

Frequently, friends of the poster will immediately speak up saying that they agree with the supposedly unpopular opinion. Genuinely unpopular opinions, especially ones that will piss off the poster's friends, frequently end up in anonymous fora like Fandom Secrets or anon memes.