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Journal Community
Name: Bandflesh
Date(s): 2007-2010?
Founder: drunktuesdays
Type: anon meme
Fandom: Bandom
URL: bandflesh at journalfen<
reflesh at dreamwidth

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Bandflesh was a popular, but controversial Bandom anon meme. An anon on Fail_Fandomanon described it as "pretty much gossip-central for late '00s bandom people that weren't on fbr_trash."[1]

According to the Fan History Wiki, the original community was created on GreatestJournal on 5 June 2007 as an offshoot of lol_meme and moved to JournalFen on 10 December 2007.[2] The anonmeme probably moved to band_flesh on February 14, 2009,[3] and the last post in band_flesh was in April 2010.[4] The community went offline with the rest of JournalFen around April? 2015—some posts appear in the Wayback Machine, but the threaded comment discussions were mostly not saved. A version of the comm was also created on Dreamwidth and is still online as of 2018 (though inactive since 2013): reflesh.

Bandflesh included many in-jokes, overuse of capslock, post spelled as poast, commentfics, reviews of Bandom Big Bang fanfics, and many other things that have been lost. The community's name was originally "a typo or autocorrect for 'bandslash' that became an in-joke."[5]

As of 2008, bandflesh was mostly friendslocked, with all RP posts and discussion posts after reaching the comment limit being locked due to "being linked by a celebrity gossip blog early in our lifespan. That definitely made us less eager to be public knowledge."[6] In early days, all community members were effectively mods and had the password; this backfired later when someone used the password to delete all archived discussions.

Bandflesh Constitution

From the community info page, circa August 2008:[7]

We the fleshers, of these united memes, hold these truths to be self-evident and do solemnly swear to be awesome, to mass friend any outed fleshers, and to badger all our regular role players into playing if no substitution can be found within a proper time. (LOL IMPATIENT!)

The first rule of Fight Club is that you don't talk about Fight Club.

Pete/Hemmy[8] 4evah!!!!!!!!!!!

Amendment 1: PORN.


Amendment 3: Write those fics you promised. (Unless you're me.)

Amendment 4: Fleshers shall make no law respecting an establishment of tinhattedness, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of saying, "MOAR, MOAR, MOAR," or of picspams; or the right of the people wankily to assemble, and to petition bandflesh for a redress of grievances (to which bandflesh may reply, "LOL SENSITIVE").


Amendment 5b: FAIL!JAMES DEWEES IS FAILING! Luv the Chub? Luv ALL the Chubs.

Amendment 6: RAY TORO IS THE DARK PRINCE OF JERSEY (effectively repealing Amendment 5).

Amendment 7: LOL STEVE


Amendment 8a: RYAN ROSS IS DEAD TO ME.


Amendment 8b: *touches nose*

Amendment 9: Those who wish to know the secrets Patrick Stump-with-an-h keeps under his hat will be required to first run the gauntlet.

amendment 10 unless theyre pete

Amendment 11: GO TO BED, PETE.

Amendment 12: There will be no more being mean to Jon Walker, because we made him sad while holding a kitten okay and that is just quite enough for one lifetime. SADFACING JWALK IS TRAGIC AND CANNOT BE BORNE.




In June 2008 a bandflesher described the origin of the community thusly:

It started out with about six or seven fangirls on lol_meme on journalfen, which is a pan-fandom permanent anon meme, who talked about bandflesh all the time and eventually kept getting yelled at by people who didn't care about bandflesh (most memers). So they decided they'd leave for a day and meme somewhere else, and so they created bandflesh. And that was a year ago on June 4th. It was never supposed to last, and the fact that it did is both a bit of an anomaly, and speaks to the fact that people are very definitely getting something out of it. The culture of bandflesh and lol_meme etc. is so different from the culture of livejournal, and some things that are acceptable in one space aren't in the other.[9]

Wank History

According to Fail_fandomanon, bandflesh was a good community for the first year, but "Never has a comm imploded quite as spectacularly and horribly as bandflesh."[10] Later, an anon explained,

The comm devolved into a grudgewanky disaster that caused its fair share of bad blood. For example, that comm had a rule about not sharing the contents of friendslocked posts which sometimes mysteriously got overlooked if someone reallly wanted deets on something, and in several instances it did not go over so well and things spilled out into namespace.[11]

A commenter in 2009 suggested that bandflesh's wankiness might have resulted from its increased popularity:

the comm did not adapt (IMO, has not adapted) very well to going from eight of us hanging out in a glorified chatroom to, as best I can estimate, 60 or so known fleshers plus whoever's hanging around that we don't know about.[12]

In June 2008, bandflesh wank was written up in a Fandom Wank post, bandom_wank. An anonymous commenter summed it up as,

  1. Mary's friend is a member of bandflesh.
  2. Someone says something mean about Mary on bandflesh.
  3. Mary's friend leaves bandflesh because it bothers Mary.
  4. Months pass.
  5. Mary posts her Big Bang fic, with art done by the friend who used to be a bandflesher.
  6. Mary and all of her other friends suddenly freak out on the friend who used to be a bandflesher, sure that she's the person who was being mean to them, even though there has been a long-standing friendship.

Mary apologized,[13] but the incident had already inspired a lot of meta posts about anonymity, some of which were rounded up in a metafandom post on June 11, as well as criticism of the comm. For example, ficbyzee roundly condemned the community as a whole:

But dude, don't try to pass off your oh-so-wonderful tightknit community of beffies and love as harmless. I don't give a flying fuck what other stuff is included, it's still a big anonymous community that's used for talking shit about people and dogpiling. If you're going to participate in that, you'd better accept the fact that, yep, people might not think so highly of you. (Or you could bend over backwards to keep your involvement secret--one of the wonderful pros of anonymity!--and be even more of a piece of slime, but hey, free world.)[14]

Multiple bandfleshers came out of the anonmeme closet to defend the community. From quettaser:

So, bandflesh. I've been a part of that community since before it existed, for well over a year now. And because of that history and the nature of the community (posts are never deleted and the history is well known to the users and is relatively searchable) there is a lot of context that is not obvious to passersby. And I want to stress that it is a community. Bandflesh has no purpose or agenda. It's merely a place to congregate for discussion and it is ultimately the people who use it that shape it's content.[15]

From kalpurna:

So hey, I'm on bandflesh! There's been a lot of posts today on the subject, because we are nothing if not overinvested in our ridiculous comm, but I'd rather not spend a lot of time describing exactly why we aren't a hate meme, because really, I think you can all judge that one for yourselves.[16]

On November 18/19, 2008, following wank (which wank?), someone obtained a password and deleted every post and comment to the outrage of all its denizens.[17] According to an email sent to seperis, "Eighteen months, over 600,000 comments, deleted piece by piece while the members watched in real time unable to stop it." However, the comm itself was not deleted and was up and running the next day.[18]

In November 2008, giddygeek wrote, "I know bandflesh meant a lot to you guys. It meant something to me too, mostly because many of you have formed very tight bonds of friendship, and I've gotten to enjoy your company and your jokes."[19]

In mid 2009, there were complaints in namespace about the community allowing "anonymous attacks on explicitly-named people, on their stories, on their ideas, on them."[20] Some of these attacks may have been spillover from the Bandom Trigger Warning Debate (2009), started by a Bandom Big Bang fic by arsenicjade in June 2009; when the warnings wank started, arsenicjade had already been a regular target on bandflesh. See On bandom as a fannish community, or: what the hell, people? and On Being A Village Elder: An Essay On Community Responsibility.

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