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Name: Patrick Martin Stumph
Also Known As: Patrick Stump
Occupation: Musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, record producer, actor
Works: Lead singer/guitarist of Fall Out Boy, solo career.
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Patrick Stump is an American singer-songwriter, composer, record producer, actor and music critic, best known as the lead singer/guitarist of Fall Out Boy, an American rock band from Wilmette, Illinois. During the band's hiatus, he embarked on a solo career.

Relationship with Fandom

Patrick has addressed fanfiction and shipping in many tweets, usually to reinforce how fake it is and even to enforce the Fourth Wall himself against fan questions, often in a humorous, meta way.

See also: Bandom and the Fourth Wall

Fanon & RPF Characterization


He is most often paired with FOB bassist Pete Wentz: see Pete/Patrick.

Occasionally, he appears in fanworks with his real-life wife Elisa.

Other common pairings:

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