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Name: Giddygeek
Alias(es): Giddy
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Hawaii Five-0, Fall Out Boy, Person of Interest, Bandom, Big Eden, others
URL: Giddygeek (AO3)
giddygeek (LJ)
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Giddygeek is a fanfiction writer who has been mostly active in Stargate Atlantis and Hawaii Five-0 fandom.

The story Finding the Fine Print made third place in the "Romance" category of the 2006 McKay/Sheppard Fan Awards.

Hawaii Five-0

  • Do Your Worst (or just do me) - "I think I could get whatever I wanted out of you right now." Episode tag for 1x19. (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • Fix Definitely as Desired - “I’m just saying,” Steve is saying, “that you don’t really seem to have settled in here.” (Steve/Danny, 2010)
  • Tell You What (you're gonna do) - Steve is still grinning when he says, "I'm a SEAL," and pushes them both off the cliff. (Steve/Danny, 2010)

Stargate Atlantis

  • Daybreak - "Very clever and clearly erroneous deduction, Major Sheppard. Congratulations, you're ready to come be part of the science team." / "Thanks, I think I'll pass on that," Sheppard said dryly. "So can you fix this or what?" / "I think it's safe to assume that there's a way to fix it." / "And by that you mean, yes?" (2005, John/Rodney)
  • Go Out Swinging - In which Rodney is oblivious about his feelings for John while they're having regular sex (and he's still trying to date Jennifer). An example of the Didn't Know They Were Dating trope. (John/Rodney, 2008)