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Name: Jonathan Jacob Walker
Also Known As: Jon Walker
Occupation: Musician (504+ Plan, Panic! at the Disco, The Young Veins,solo), guitar tech and videographer (The Academy Is...).
Medium: Music
Works: Panic at the Disco discography
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Jon Walker (born 1985) is most famous for being the bass player and backup vocalist of core Bandom band Panic! at the Disco from 2006 to 2009.

Jon was a peripheral Bandom member before joining Panic!, due to his friendship with fellow Chicagoans Fall Out Boy and Tom Conrad. This led to Jon going on tour with The Academy Is... as their guitar tech and photographer/videographer, and to him meeting the Panic boys, who offered him a spot in the band when they parted way with founding member and bassist Brent Wilson in 2006.

In 2009, Jon and Ryan left Panic to form The Young Veins, which went on hiatus in 2010. He has since started a solo project.

See his Wikipedia page for more detail.


As of Sept 18, 2014, there were 1234 works tagged 'Jon Walker' on AO3.[1] However, Jon is most often a supporting character.

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  • Jon is often written as an easy-going, cat-loving, flip flops-wearing stoner, which might as well be canon.
  • Due to his late arrival in the band, he might be depicted as the outsider who is initially confused by the three other members' tight-knit relationship, either as the token straight dude or as someone who needs to be inducted into GSF.

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