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Name: Sara
Alias(es): addictedkitten, cyclogenesis
Type: fanfic writer, community moderator
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Popslash, Bandom, One Direction, 5SOS, etc.
Communities: damnyouwentz
URL: AO3 account

tumblr account

Twitter account
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cyclogenesis, formerly addictedkitten, is a slash writer who has been active in several fandoms since the early 2000s.

They used to have a Livejournal account (joined in 2001), and joined AO3 in 2011, posting all of their fic to their page. As of 2021, they were most active on Tumblr.

They were one of the creators of Bandom discussion LJ community damnyouwentz (2006) and have a fondness for writing band GSF.

Notable Works

5 Seconds of Summer


One Direction

Other Fandoms

Works Inspired By

Cyclogenesis has a Blanket Statement encouraging works based on theirs:

You are always free to use my stories as jumping off points for transformative works or translations, including podfic, sequels, remixes, etc. If you do any of those things, please email or message me or somehow let me know so I can check it out!

AO3 profile

As a result, several of their stories have been podficced, including: