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Synonyms: Role-Playing Game, Celebrity play-bys or "PBs"
See also: RPF, Crossover
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While character-based Role-Playing Game systems have been around since the 1970s, Celebrity RPGs appeared around 2001.[1][2] These are a combination of Real People Fiction and role-playing games, where the players act as celebrities, in more or less realistic situations. They may make fake journals on LiveJournal or clones, and interact by posting and commenting as the person.

Most celebrity RPGs become AU quickly, as the characters interact in non-canon situations. Others are unrealistic from the start: they're rock stars, they're superheroes, they're in college together, they're roommates, they're all in the circus. There may be slash, kidfic, non-con, BDSM, etc., all completely unrelated to the actions of the celebrity in question.

They can also contain any number of characters, or people, to fulfill the role-play.

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