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Name: Fake F1
Date(s): 2009 - current
Type: Celebrity RPG on Twitter
Fandom: Sports RPF
URL: Fake F1 Website
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Fake F1 is a community of Formula One fans originating on Twitter. Fans take on the fake identity of a F1 driver, their girlfriends, or other people (or even objects) involved in F1.

In addition to the twitter community there is also a Facebook page. Awards, games, online parties and other activities are regularly organised. Even a few vids have been made.[1]

While pretending to be the real person they are impersonating is frowned upon, Fake F1 members occasionally seek out contact with people involved in F1 and keep track of interactions on their website.[2]

Membership is open and unmoderated, which can lead to conflicts if more than one person want to RP the same character.


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