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Name: Extreme Evolution
Owner/Maintainer: Mx33 and Bishop
Dates: September 22, 2002 - 2005[1]
Type: fansite, forum, archive
Fandom: X-Men: Evolution
URL: extreme-evolution.net (wayback)
Screencap of the fansite

Screencap of the community
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Extreme Evolution was an X-Men: Evolution fansite, forum with fanart and fanfiction, and hosted the X-Men Site Awards.


Extreme Evolution Community:[2]

  • EE RPG
    • Forums
    • Characters
    • Fan Art
    • Fan Fiction
  • Community
    • Discussion Forums
    • Chat Room
    • Fan Fiction Archive
    • Old Fan Fic Archive
    • Fan Art Gallery
    • Links
    • Topsites
    • Weekly Article
    • Reviews

Extreme Evolution fansite: [3]

  • Character Biographies
  • Episode Guides
  • News
  • Image Gallery
  • Fun
    • Humor
    • Spoilers/Rumors
    • Ask Jean
    • Games
    • Multimedia
    • Downloads
    • Which X-man Are You?

X-Men Site Awards


  1. Went Static after the show was cancelled, and the domain went down sometime in 2008 after various downtimes and later closed by Bishop. [1]