The Tempest Fic Index

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Name: The Tempest Fic Index and bonus Tula index
Date(s): ? - March 1, 2007 (last update), still up for viewing
Archivist: 'rith
Founder: 'rith
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: DC Comics, Aquaman, Teen Titans
URL: (defunct); archive link
Screenshot of site, art of Tempest by Phil Jimenez.
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The Tempest Fic Index is a fanfiction archive for Tempest, and a small selection of works focused on Tula and Letifos, hosted at Main content is fanfiction, both linked at and other sites, and a Tempest FAQ.

The site had gen, het and slash pairings.

Authors Archived

Below are all the authors that can be found at the archive (their works may be hosted at other locations, however):

Ang Griffen BJ Carmen Williams Casey
cHarley Chicago Dannell Lites Daria
Drew Moore Elay gottaluvit Kael
Kaylee Keith Kilburn Kerithwyn Jade Kris
ManEaterLad Mariann Mel Michka
mizzmarvel nw's chick Pervyficgirl Samy Merchi
Seby Seraphim Grace Shade Simon
Sister Wolf Smittywing Sevenall Siviusx


Below are all the pairings that can be found at the archive (not including side pairings that do not include Garth and/or Tula):

Tempest/Arsenal Garth/Dick Garth/Babs
Tempest/OC Tempest/Troia Tempest/Batman
Donna/Tula Tula & King Juvor Letifos & Garth