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Name: Cereta
Alias(es): Lucy Gillam
Type: writer, critic
Fandoms: Farscape, SGA, SPN, Oz, Torchwood, DW, Comics (DC), meta, vidding
Communities: FCA-L
Other: Fanfic Symposium
URL: cereta at AO3
Cereta's Web (archive link)
Sentinel fic at anyroad.org (archive link)
cereta at LiveJournal
cereta at Dreamwidth
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Cereta is a writer of fanfiction and meta.

She is the founder of the Fanfic Symposium, an archive of meta essays.

Cetera first joined fandom through The Sentinel in the late 90's, and has since written in DC Comics (primarily the Bat family), Supernatural, Stephen King's Dark Tower series, and a number of smaller fandoms through Yuletide.

Her meta is heavily informed by her work in rhetoric, as well as feminist perspective. She also frequently writes about children's literature and movies.

A common feature on her journals is Grading Hell Theater. Begun as an attempt to entertain Cereta while she grades papers, the posts often has how various characters would handle situations as simple as having breakfast or dealing with a zombie apocalypse.[1]


Notable Works




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