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Name: Batslash Archive
Date(s): 2000 or before - ?
Archivist: The Brat Queen
Type: slash
Fandom: Batman
URL: (old link)
Batman Slash.png
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Batslash Archive was a Batman slash archive. It was the archive of the Batslash mailing list. It was hosted by GeoCities.



A Sea Change Dick/Garth * R * comics (Teen Titan)

Angels We Have Heard On High Jean-Paul * PG-13 * comics

Menage A Trois Of the Bat Dick/Jean-Paul * NC-17 * comics

Menage A Trois Of the Bat - Bruce's Turn Dick/Jean-Paul/Bruce * NC-17 * comics

Garden of Earthly Delights Batman/Superman * PG-17 * comics

Part of the Game Dick Grayson * PG * Elseworlds

Garden of Earthly Delights Batman/Superman * PG-17 * comics


ANGEL LOVE Warren/Jean-Paul NC-17: Jean-Paul meets an Angel


Give and Take Batman/Robin * R * movies Dick reflects.


Ready for the Night Bruce/Dick * NC-17 * comics/TV

The True Adventures of Batman and Superman 1: Face to Face Superman/Batman * G Superman and Batman and Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne come face to face. With Lois Lane in the middle. Or is she?

The True Adventures of Batman and Superman 2: In Unfamiliar Space Superman/Batman * G An atypical day in the life of Superman.

The True Adventures of Batman and Superman 3: Worlds Collide Superman/Batman * NC-17 Tension builds when two crime-fighters with secret identities living in different cities cross paths again and again.

The True Adventures of Batman and Superman 4: Sky High [or How About Some Lewd Acro-Bat-ics?] Superman/Batman * NC-17 A tale of Crimefighter's Tension Relief. (Sort of the opposite of 'how low can you go'. )<

The True Adventures of Batman and Superman 5: Night Watch [or The More Things Change, The More Love Sucks] Superman/Batman * Nightwing * PG Nightwing makes a discovery.

Revival Instinct Batman/Superman * NC-17 The True Adventures of Batman and Superman 6: a long day, a long night.

Amends Batman/Nightwing * PG Batman and Nightwing... one moment in time and a decision made...

Electroshock Superman/Batman * R Superman, Batman, lightning, mud, and a kiss.

Night Pleasures Batman/Nightwing * NC-17 Batman seeks, and Nightwing delivers.

Night Pleasures 2 Batman/Nightwing * NC-17 Nightwing responds to a phone call.


Dark and Stormy Day Dick/Bruce * G An alternate ending for one of the Two Face episodes.

After Blackgate Dick/Bruce A missing scene for Blackgate mini-shot.


Maddening Torture Joker/Batman * NC-17 * rape The Joker graphically acts out some of his desires.

Escape Joker * R The Joker breaks out of Arkham.

Interview With the Psychopath Harley Quinn * non-slash * humor Harley Quinn tells the story of her life, much like a certain vampire once did. (No slash, but really funny and worth the read - listmum)


BATSLASH SNIPPET PG: No summary, just whimsey World's Finest: Getting to Know You Robin/Superboy * comics * adult concepts Set just after *World's Finest 3,* the first modern Robin-Superboy team-up, in which our intrepid young heroes faced off against Metallo and Poison Ivy. Post-Clench, pre-Cataclysm, pre-Young Justice.

World's Finest: But What Does It *Mean*? Robin/Superboy * comics * adult concepts Robin talks to Dick Grayson about his encounter with Superboy. Also an unofficial sequel to Dannell Lites' "A Sea Change"

Something Rich and Strange Nightwing/Tempest * comics * adult concepts Nightwing and Tempest explore their new relationship with some plot-unencumbered sex. An unofficial sequel to Dannell Lites' "A Sea Change"

Sea and Sky 3: Interlude Garth/Dick * comics Garth watches Dick as he sleeps. Third in the "Sea and Sky" series, following "A Sea Change"

Sea and Sky 5: Full Fathom Nightwing/Tempest * comics Nightwing and Tempest explore a new world. Fifth in the "Sea and Sky" series

Sea and Sky 6: Oracle Interlude Nightwing/Tempest * comics What, you didn't think Babs would show up? Sixth in the "Sea and Sky" series


A DAY AT THE OFFICE Bruce/Dick NC-17: No summary FINDING OUT 1: ALFRED PG: I was wondering how it would be like for the Bat family members to find out about a Bruce/Dick relationship, and this is what came to me FINDING OUT2: ROBIN Bruce/Dick PG: Robin finds out about Bruce and Dick. No graphic slash here, just some after - sex parts


Evolve or Die Bruce/Dick * R with X potential * some comics Bruce and Dick share an intense moment, then attempt to face one another.

Fraternity Dick/Tim Robin gets some training from Nightwing, and perhaps a bit more.


INSPIRED BY NC-17: this was inspired by a message posted on the dc comics nightwing mb, at bottom. continuity: squarely in the animated series, so remember that when timmy shows up! also, i'm assuming bab's is a couple of years younger than dick. just the impression that i get from my obsessive watching and rewatching of the show


Changes Dick * G Dick, now Nightwing, thinks about his relationship with Bruce.

Partners Terry /Bruce * PG Terry McGinnis starts to figure out just how strong his commitment is to Bruce when he finds out what happened to one of Bruce's commitments in the past.

Why Terry /Bruce * PG Terry begins to ponder the depth of his newfound commitments.