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Name: Alara's Spiffy Magneto Page
Owner/Maintainer: Alara Rogers
Dates: 1997-2008 (last update)
Type: character-centric
Fandom: X-Men
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Alara's Spiffy Magneto Page is a fansite focusing on the character Magneto from the X-Men (mainly comicsverse). It is a subsite of Crossroads X, which has separate pages devoted to several X-Men characters and themes. Over the years it has had various names, as the page has grown and improved. It started out in April 1997 as "Alara's Rather Sad Magneto Page"[1], became "Alara's Getting Spiffier All The Time Magneto Page"[2], "Alara's Spiffy Magneto Page[3]", ending with "Alara's Now Rather Spiffy Magneto Page"[4].

It has a link index for Magneto fanfiction, filk, poems, Magneto FAQs and background info, reviews of fan fiction, pro fiction and Marvel works featuring Magneto, a link collection and a Magneto graphics collection with fanart and scans.

The archive collected 742 stories from 171 fanwriters[5], plus fanart from 8 artists: Bliss (fanartist), GLAMbeau, Detlef Henke, Indigo, Miranda, Chris Pangle, Laura Pierson and Adam Walters.


  • New Fanfic! - new fanfic were announced on this page.
  • Page Submissions Policy
If you have a Magneto fan story that is not archived anywhere else, or a piece of neat information about Magneto, magnetism, the Holocaust or anything else relevant, send it to me. If I like it, I'll archive it here for you. If you have a story that is archived somewhere else, send me the URL and I'll index it. If you have a page with Magneto artwork, send me the URL; I won't actually archive Magneto art here unless it is very good, and it shows Magneto being attractive rather than wearing his helmet and grimacing. But I'll at least link to other people's art if it doesn't meet my standards for being on my page. Also, I'm looking for reviews of Magneto fanfic, reviews of comics, TV shows, books and games featuring Magneto that were put out by Marvel, and your votes for the best and worst Magneto stories of all time.


(Notes in italics by Alara)

  • The Magneto Mailing List: The Magneto Mailing List is a forum for anything having to do with Magneto. Includes fanfic and discussions and pretty much anything else.
  • Fanfic Links - All the Magneto or Joseph stories Alara was able to find on the Web.
    • Index of Indexes - with multiple separate pages to allow for faster loading, sorted by:
      • Magneto's Role In the Story
        • Main Character Stories
        • Secondary Character Stories
        • Stories Where Magneto Doesn't Appear In All Parts
        • Alternate Magnetos
        • Media Magnetos
        • Not On The Web - These stories that feature Magneto are only available in fanzines. Includes gen (suitable for all) and slash (adult, featuring m/m relationships).
          • The Celestial Toybox Magneto Series
            • "Father Figure": Alice Aldridge. 9 pages. Celestial Toybox 8.
            • "Regret": Alice Aldridge. 7 pages. Celestial Toybox 8.
            • "Child's Play": Alice Aldridge. 16 pages. Celestial Toybox 8.
            • "Grapevine": Sue Collins. 10 pages. Celestial Toybox 8.
            • "A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows": Alice Aldridge. 27 pages. Celestial Toybox 9.
            • "Cannonball Express: Excess Baggage": Alice Aldridge and Sue Collins. 22 pages. Celestial Toybox 9.
            • "Cannonball Express: Dangerous Crossing": Alice Aldridge. 22 pages. Celestial Toybox 10.
            • "Cannonball Express: Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow": Sue Collins. 17 pages. Celestial Toybox 10.
            • "Cannonball Express: Cross-Ties": Alice Aldridge and Sue Collins. 33 pages. Celestial Toybox 11.
            • "Cannonball Express: Collision Course": Alice Aldridge and Sue Collins. 31 pages. Celestial Toybox 12.
          • Slash Zines
      • Author's Name - Authors A to L - Authors M to Z
      • Story Title - Stories A to L - Stories M to Z
    • The Lost Stories: Stories whose archive has died and which are not available via the Wayback Machine or any other archive I have found. If anyone has these, please let me know.
  • Filks, Songs and Poems
  • Magneto FAQs and Background Info - The FAQ page collects all kinds of articles on things having to do with Magneto, from discussions of the Holocaust and the real-world physics of magnetism, through collections of information about the Marvel comics with Magneto in them, to extrapolation pieces that use what we know about Magneto to try to solve the mysteries, danglers and contradictory retcons of the character's past.
  • Reviews - Contains links to "Recommended Reads", the "Hall of Shame", and the "1999 Maggie Awards" for best Magneto fanfic. Also, new reviews have been added.

Plagiarism Accusations?

This was posted in 2008, apparently in response to some controversy:

It has come to my attention that there have been accusations that KiplingKat has plagiarized my theory about mutant genetics -- specifically, that all human beings in the Marvel Universe contain the genes for superpowers, but that the mutant X-Factor is a gene or complex of genes that activates said superpowers.
It is true that KiplingKat came up with the same theory about 15 years after I did and about 10 years after I first posted it (approximately). It is also true that KiplingKat has visited my site and may have read my material. However, it is also true that I based my theory on the behavior in the Marvel Universe of mutant powers, "altered human" (non-mutant superheroes whose genes were altered) powers, and events such as Chris Claremont's "The Gift" in which Loki magically grants humans their "latent" superpowers. Anyone who read the same material I did could have come up with the same ideas.
Moreover, there were unique features to my theory that KiplingKat did not replicate. For instance, I speculated that "altered humans" *are* in fact mutants, that the allele of X-Factor they possess is one that is not the ordinary human allele but activates powers in the presence of a chemical or radioactive stressor, and that it easily mutates into X-Factor in the sex cells, explaining why "altered humans" and "latent humans" (humans who father or bear mostly mutant children according to Chris Claremont) have mostly mutant kids. I speculated that X-Factor in particular alters the brain structure to produce a unique brainwave, but that both X-Factor and the "altered/latent human" allele are equally mutations, so that technically Spider-Man is as much a mutant as Magneto. None of these features appeared in KiplingKat's theory. She did not use similar language to describe her ideas except where genetics theory demanded it, she did not use similar examples, and she did not include some of the more unusual features of my theory.
It is therefore my opinion that KiplingKat came up with her theory independently, or read my work a sufficiently long time ago that she sincerely did not remember that I had created a similar theory. I consider her work a validation of mine, proof that someone besides me can look at Marvel's handling of mutant and superhuman powers and come to the same conclusion as me. I do not consider it plagiarism and I would ask that no one accuse her of plagiarising me or attack her on my behalf.

Source not provided, unable to find it online

Current Status

The last update of the page was rather epic:

So here's the news. My semi-automated archiving site, Asteroid A, died. A RAID-5 array blew two drives at the same time (for those of you who don't understand this technobabble, this is basically rain in the Sahara, lions laying down with lambs, and Marvel actually paying attention to its own continuity, all at the same time. In other words, extremely improbable.) We have not yet been able to recover the data. Using the spiffy Internet Wayback Machine I have been able to recover most of the lost stories, and I have re-added them in this update. I also am no longer located on my own server, but am buying space from Dreamhost.

I haven't updated at all in three years; four years since I last updated the database I use to store these listings. So this update consists largely of: fixing broken links, identifying stories that have been lost entirely, putting Shifting Sands back up because a lot of these fics link there, recovering any lost fics I could find via the Wayback Machine, putting them up, and adding a very small quantity of new fanfic. There has been an explosion in fantastic movieverse fanfic featuring Magneto... most of it Magneto/Xavier, though very little of that is explicit... and I felt bad that I hadn't managed to get any of that in the very last update I did. So in this update, I have added a small quantity of Movieverse M/X from some of my favorite authors, as well as a couple of new fics I found from authors I'd already gotten approval from while checking links. I am going to be busting my butt toward the end of this month to get more of the vast quantity of new fanfic that's out there onto this site.

I also added two general overviews to the FAQ page for folks who like the character but don't know his history well. One is an overview of Magneto's history in comics, and the other is for Magneto/Xavier ficcers from any of the many media sources Magneto now appears in.

If anyone has sources for any of the Lost Stories, please let me know.


The page is still available via the archive, but has not been updated since January 4, 2006.