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Name: Batman Slash
Date(s): 2000? - 2004[1] (remains open for viewing)
Founder: The Brat Queen
Type: slash
Fandom: Batman
URL: (current URL) (via Wayback)
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Batman Slash is the archive for some of the batslash's mailing list. It is now hosted at

The archive also has 2 crossovers, 1 with Smallville (Dick Grayson/Oliver Queen) and the other X-Men (Jean-Paul Valley/Warren Worthington, III).

In order to be posted to the archive from the mailing list, it had to use The Brat Queen's template of HTML coding.

"I am not an archivist. Years ago I tried to be and then had to give up, forced to admit that I totally suck at it. I asked the batslash list their feelings about a few compromise options and it was agreed that anyone who wanted their story put into this archive would make use of the template that I provided to them and HTML it themselves. So please be aware that the stories that you find here are NOT inteded to be representative of the entire work of the batslash list, rather it is simply a small representation of just those authors who have coded their stories and asked for them to be placed here. For more stories, please feel free to join the list."[2]

Authors Archived


Arlene Beth Winter Carmen Chicago Creed Cascade Dannell Lites
Dark Angel Dark Jester Darklady Destina Fortunio Echo's Revenge Elay
Hotspur J.C. James Walkswithwind Jay Narra Kabuki Kerithwyn Jade
Kirasmommie Liaana Kerzner Lurker 521 Mariana Mary Reilly Maverick
Mona R nw's chick Plahn Prodigette Saone Seby
Simon SKH Starstorm Sydni_6.4 Tangerine The Brat Queen
Teresa Wilangel

Pairings Archived


Bruce/Dick Roy/Dick Bruce/J'onn Dick/Jean-Paul Dick/Jean-Paul/Bruce Jervis/Joker
Garth/Barbara/Dick Batman/Superman Joker/Batman Superman/Nightwing Batman/Arsenal Bruce/Dick/Tim
Dick/Tim Dick/Roy Jean-Paul/Bruce Bruce/Tim Sasha/Helena Bruce/Ra's
Tim/Clark Dick/Garth Terry/Bruce Tim/Kon Azreal/Green Lantern


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