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Name: The Authority
Creator: Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch
Date(s): May 1999 - December 2010
Medium: comic books
Country of Origin: United States
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The Authority is a superhero comic book series published by DC Comics under the Wildstorm imprint. It was created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, and follows the adventures of the Authority, a superhero team mainly composed of Ellis-created characters from Stormwatch.


The founding members of the Authority were:

  • Jenny Sparks, (no other identity), "The Spirit of the Twentieth Century"; the group's founder and original leader. She's British, smokes heavily, was born with the century and will die when it ends, seems to interact with everyone of historical importance throughout the century (e.g. she's adopted by Einstein, advises Hitler to give up his artistic career, etc.), and has electrical powers; she can control electricity or convert herself into electricity and travel through wires etc., but cannot make electricity if there is none to be harnessed. She has strong ties to British military and Special Operations units. After her death "The Spirit of the Twenty-First Century" is revealed to be a newly born child who will be known as Jenny Quantum.
  • Apollo, a.k.a. Andrew Pulaski, "The Sun God". His powers include flight, invulnerability, and energy blasts, all drawing on the power of the sun. He is openly gay and eventually marries Midnighter; together they adopt Jenny Quantum.
  • Midnighter a.k.a. Lucas Trent, "Night's Bringer of War". He has extra strength, speed, and endurance, wears armoured clothing, heals extremely quickly (and has recovered from AIDs in weeks) and is capable of calculating every possible outcome of a combat move instantaneously. He is gay and eventually marries Apollo; together they adopt Jenny Quantum.
  • The Doctor a.k.a. Jeroen Thornedike, "The Shaman". One of several users of the title, he is a powerful magician who gains his power from the earth. Thornedike is a drug addict and is eventually killed by an overdose.
  • The second Engineer a.k.a. Angela Spica, "The Maker". Building on the work of her predecessor, her body has been replaced by nanotechnology, giving her the ability to create replicas of herself, build devices almost instantly, etc. This makes her more or less indestructible, but there are disadvantages, such as a tendency to collapse into silvery goo during orgasms.
  • Jack Hawksmoor, "The God of Cities"; leader of the Authority from 2000 to 2005, and again from 2008 to 2010. He was abducted and surgically modified by aliens, who turned him into the perfect city-dweller, with a range of acrobatic and exotic abilities such as the capacity to "merge" with a city, animate it, and use it as his body.
  • Swift a.k.a. Shen Li-Min, "The Winged Huntress". She is extremely fast and has wings, talons, and claws. She also has a psychic link to the Earth and eventually becomes the new Doctor.


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The canon pairing of Apollo/Midnighter is quite popular. Jack Hawksmoor/Angela Spica is also canon and also appears in fanfic.

Crossovers with Constantine and Batman appear as well with the pairings: Batman/Jack Hawksmoor and John Constantine/Jack Hawksmoor.


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