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Pairing: Apollo/Midnighter
Alternative name(s): Midpollo
Gender category: Slash, M/M
Fandom: The Authority, DC Comics
Canonical?: canon
Prevalence: Popular
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Apollo/Midnighter is a popular canon pairing of Apollo and Midnighter in the Authority fandom.


According to the creator, the characters are based on Batman and Superman.


DC Comics

Midnighter and Apollo in Entertainment Weekly in the #SuperheroesSoStraight? article.[1]

DC Comics acquired the rights to Wildstorm characters in 1998 and eventually merged them into the main DC universe. Apollo and Midnighter showed up in the much criticized Stormwatch title during the New 52 in 2011.

In 2015, DC launched a new Midnighter title written by Steve Orlando that was met with critical success and eventually re-established the pairing as canon. The title's cultural significance within the comic book world was so emphasized by fans and the press alike that DC followed it up with a Midnighter and Apollo six-issue mini-series in 2016.


Ubisoft writer James Nadiger cited Apollo and Midnighter's relationship as his inspiration for Harlan Cunningham/Arend Schut, a canon gay couple in Assassin's Creed.[2]



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