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This article is about the comic series by Vertigo. You may be looking for the video game series Fable.

Name: Fables
Creator: Bill Willingham
Date(s): July 2002 – July 2015
Medium: comic books, video game
Country of Origin: United States
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Fables is a Vertigo comic book series.


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Fables is a long series of comics and graphic novels which take the simple idea that all the characters from the fairy tales and folklore we heard and read about are real, and living among us. They came here to escape a horrible war back in their Homelands. Those who look like humans, like Cinderella, Prince Charming, etc., live in cities and towns and have jobs. Those creatures who wouldn't blend in so well, like the Three Pigs, trolls, fairies, talking animals of all sorts, they live on The Farm, a farmstead out in the country. When the series starts, there is concern that the Fables are running very low on treasure to keep themselves functioning.

As the series continues, bad Fables are introduced, and bad things begin to happen. Like one of the Pigs being murdered. And wooden soldiers invading Fabletown.


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The series is the brain-child of Bill Willingham, whose writing is brisk, funny, and creative. He has twists you don't expect, like the Big Bad Wolf is a shapeshifter who here poses as Bigby, the sheriff.

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