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Name: Minisinoo
Alias(es): Min
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: X-Men, X-Men Movieverse, Ultimate Marvel, Harry Potter, Crossovers, X-Files, Twilight
LJ, purged account,
The Medicine Wheel (personal fic archive, offline) Profile
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Minisinoo is a BNF in the X-Men fandom during the early 2000s when she was most active, especially for her Jean/Scott works, where she gained several awards for her works. By 2006, she joined the Harry Potter fandom, and quickly gained a name for herself there with her Cedric Diggory-centric works.

Although Minisinoo mostly wrote Jean/Scott in the X-Men fandom, she had also written a lot of gen works focused around Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Rogue, and several other characters. Minisinoo also wrote some Scott/Ororo works.

In Harry Potter fandom, Minisinoo mainly wrote about Cedric Diggory - her works Finding Himself, a Cedric/Hermione fic, quickly became the most recced for that pairing.

Minisinoo started writing in the Twilight fandom by 2008.

By 2014, Minisinoo closed The Medicine Wheel, deleted her LiveJournal and added most of her remaining works to before retiring from writing fanfiction:

"For those looking, The Medicine Wheel is now permanently offline and Min has retired from active participation in fanfiction. She leaves up the stories here for reader enjoyment but no longer answers email."[1]

Notable Works


Harry Potter



Comments by other fans

"Her fic is wonderful and many of them are novel / novella length. Get yourself comfy for these - once you start you wont want to stop! The link takes you to the main page. Be sure to check out Agonia, which is one of my favourites!"[2]
"Minisinoo has stated that she is a professional writer and it shows. She takes the canon material and transforms into works of beauty such as the pre-canon fics, Beauty, Shining in Company with the Celestial Forms and This is My Beloved Son, in Whom I Am Well Pleased. Her two other fics are both subversions of the canon material done in the best way: Amputated at the Neck and my personal favorite Cowboys and Indians.[3]"


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