Aorist Subjunctive

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Title: Aorist Subjunctive
Author(s): Minisinoo
Date(s): 2006 - 2008
Length: c. 227,500
Genre: Harry/Cedric slash, Suspense, mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure, AU
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Aorist Subjunctive is a series of Harry/Cedric fics by Minisinoo, in which Cedric Diggory lives.


Harry used a Time-turner to change his past. Cedric lived. Other key figures didn't. How can Harry and the Order fight Voldemort now?

Main Characters

Main Pairings


1. Nature & Destiny
When presented with an unexpected opportunity, a depressed and besieged fifth-year Harry tries to change the past. But changing the past can be dangerous. Who's to say things will turn out any better? c. 28,000 words COMPLETE, Editor's Choice at The Quidditch Pitch
2. Chronicles
Dumbledore is dead. Voldemort is back. And Cedric has made a critical discovery in Grimmauld Place that could aid in the fight, but it includes some disturbing revelations. Should Cedric tell Harry something he might not want to know about his godfather -- or keep the truth to himself? c. 53,500 words COMPLETE
3. Crush
Dolores Umbridge wants to wipe out Muggle influences at Hogwarts, Alastor Moody revives the school duelling club, Sirius Black is filing a petition with the Wizengamot to clear his name, Cedric suddenly seems to have trouble keeping his mouth shut, and Harry has a crush on Cho Chang. Or does he? c. 63,500 words COMPLETE
4. Past Present
Over Christmas holidays, Harry and Cedric begin the complicated process of navigating their new relationship even as Sirius -- his name now cleared -- plans a blow-out holiday party. But nothing ever goes smoothly in Harry's world. After disaster strikes, Harry, Sirius and Remus look at the Pensieve memories that Dumbledore left, which concern Tom Riddle's past. c. 82,500 words COMPLETE

There were to be at least three more novellas that would have been part of this series:

5. Semper Fidelis
6. My Brother's Keeper
7. Kings of Cups

Author's Notes

This novella series has nothing to do with the Finding Himself world. A few things are the same, others are very different. I've kept Ed, Peter and Scott as Cedric's denmates, and I've kept my basic view of his personality (his likes and dislikes and talents), although he's more withdrawn. But his mother here is not Lucy, his family is not as well-off, and he has no connection to American Indians.
Special Notes Relating to the Books & Films: If the pairing was inspired by Robert Pattinson's shameless and adorable flirting as Cedric in the film, this novella series is BOOK CANON up until it completely diverges. Although I've kept Pattinson's image for Cedric as he fits fairly well, following Rozárka, I've come to prefer Danny Vosovic, for our charming, big-nosed Viktor.
What IS an 'aorist subjunctive' anyway?
The aorist subjunctive is a case of Greek verb that creates 'simple past possible': If you walked to the store, then ... Here, of course, it refers to the possibility: If Cedric Diggory lived (and Dumbledore died instead) ... Making it aorist subjunctive and not pluperfect subjunctive (If Cedric Diggory had lived ...) feels more active and ongoing

Comments & Recs

"I read Nature and Destiny, the first story in the arc, when it was posted and loved it. I ended my rec saying that it was a rare case when I wanted to beg for a sequel. Since then, Minisinoo wrote a couple more stories in the same arc. Gosh, it’s a lucky rare pairing if it’s got a fan like Min writing for it!

In his fifth year, Harry, seeing how life in Hogwarts under Umbridge and outside of it under the rise of Voldemort turned out, decides that if he manages to save the first senseless sacrifice, Cedric, the future will be better. Or at least it won’t be worse, right? Maybe yes, maybe no. See for yourself.
It’s brilliant stuff, guys. Perfectly balanced between action and romance, character study and AU. I don’t know another story where the author pulled off instant, sudden attraction as well as Min does here. It’s one line but it took my breath away. Which, again, proves the point: it’s not the question of cliche or plot or anything; it’s a writer and what they can do with it. All characters are written well here but I fell in love with a secondary one: Krum, who is totally awesome. Now I want to read lots of brilliant Krum fics that make him as attractive as Min did.

This story is joy. When I read beyond the first half, I looked at how many chapters were left, saw chapter titles, and then was squirming in my chair for the rest of it. Will be looking forward to the next installment in half a year."[1]


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