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Name: Viktor Krum
Occupation: professional Quidditch player, Durmstrang student
Relationships: Hermione Granger (dated)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Other: born c. 1976
portrayed by Stanislav Ianevski in the GOF film
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Viktor Krum is a Harry Potter character. He is a Bulgarian professional Quidditch player and is the Triwizard Tournament champion for Durmstrang, a wizarding school in northern Europe, in Goblet of Fire.

In Canon

Viktor Krum is first introduced in Goblet of Fire as an eighteen-year-old star Quidditch player, the Seeker for the Bulgarian team during the Quidditch World Cup that Harry attended with the Weasleys and Hermione. Later, he comes to Hogwarts as a Durmstrang student for the Triwizard Tournament and is chosen as Durmstrang's school champion, to compete against Harry, Cedric Diggory, and Fleur Delacour.

Krum attends the Yule Ball with Hermione Granger, whom he noticed and admired in the Hogwarts library. In the second task of the Triwizard Tournament, Hermione is taken as the person he would "sorely miss," and he tells her he has "never felt this way about any other girl."[1] Although Hermione apparently declines Krum's invitation to visit him in Bulgaria during the summer, the two remain—according to her—"pen-pals" for at least the following year.[2]

Krum is mentioned in both the next two books as a target of Ron's jealousy over Hermione, and appears once again in the flesh at Bill and Fleur's wedding in Deathly Hallows. There, he compliments Hermione, who is flustered by his attention, until he hears that she and Ron are "sort of" together. Ginny Weasley also catches his eye, and he is annoyed to learn that "all the good-looking girls are taken."[3] During the reception, Krum gets into a heated argument with Xenophilius Lovegood because he is wearing what Krum believes to be Gellert Grindelwald's sign.

Post-Deathly Hallows Canon

In a post-Deathly Hallows interview, J.K. Rowling revealed that Krum would finally "find love" back in Bulgaria.[4] She also revealed on Pottermore that Krum retired from professional Quidditch after losing the 2002 Quidditch World Cup, but came out of retirement to win the 2014 World Cup. According to a report of that game by Rita Skeeter, Krum remained friendly with Harry.[5]

Krum has a cameo in the stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, where he is referred to by the nickname "Krazy Krum" (a nickname that does not appear in the original books). In the original production, Krum is portrayed (very briefly) by Jack North.

Fan Reception

While a minority of fans thought that Krum could be an endgame love interest for Hermione, most recognized him as her "Mr. Wrong".[6] However, in a 2004 interview, J.K. Rowling promised that we would see Krum again ("though not soon"),[7] leading to some speculation about his future role.

Many fans of Viktor in Goblet of Fire were jarred by his characterisation in Deathly Hallows. This Krum was suddenly interested in using his fame to get "good-looking girls" and talked of teaching people lessons while cracking his knuckles. In their Viktor Krum character essay, Red Hen describes this as "a comprehensive personality replacement" and so opted to "just ignore the spear carrier who was using [Krum's] name in DHs."[8] The now 21-year-old Krum's interest in Ginny Weasley—who at that point was still fifteen[9]—also ignited lingering uncomfortable feelings about Krum and Hermione's age difference and his interest in underage girls.[10]

In the Films

Krum was portrayed by Stanislav Ianevski in the Goblet of Fire film. Ianevski also filmed footage for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 in which Viktor and Hermione dance at Bill and Fleur's wedding, but the scene was cut.[11]

Fans of book!Krum are generally critical of how the character is depicted in the film: Hermione says she and Krum "don't really talk at all" and describes him as "more of a physical being" and "a bit annoying." Imposter!Moody says he has a "head... filled with sawdust."


  • Viktor/Hermione - Canon during Goblet of Fire, with potential for more. By far Viktor's most popular pairing.
  • Harry/Viktor - The two share a mutual respect and have a shared interest in Quidditch. They are also both famous and both seem to dislike their fame.
  • Ron/Viktor - Ron idolizes Viktor as a Quidditch player and is angry and jealous when he dates Hermione.
  • Viktor/Ginny - Based on Viktor's comments about her at Bill and Fleur's wedding. The two also share an interest in Quidditch.
  • Cedric/Viktor - The two may have formed a bond during the Triwizard Tournament. They also share an interest in Quidditch.
  • Charlie/Viktor - Based on a shared interest in Quidditch (Charlie was reportedly good enough to play professionally), and because Charlie lives in Romania, which borders Viktor's home country of Bulgaria.
  • Viktor/Ron/Hermione - One way to resolve the canonical love triangle.

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