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Name: Fantastic Posts & Where to Find Them (originally The Harry Potter FAQs, HP For Grownups FAQ)
Owner/Maintainer: Members of HPFGU (The Fantastic Post Owls); webmaster: Steve Vander Ark, then Porphyria
Dates: 10 November 2002 – 06 July 2003 (last update); online until 2008 or later
Type: meta/canon resource, mailing list reference
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: (offline; Wayback link)
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Fantastic Posts & Where to Find Them was the reference site for the Harry Potter mailing list Harry Potter for Grownups (HPFGU).

The site was originally launched as The Harry Potter FAQs aka HP For Grownups FAQ in July 2001. It was set up and hosted by Steve Vander Ark at the Harry Potter Lexicon site. Work on the "FAQs"—actually lengthy topical essays—had been in progress since the end of the previous year.[1] The site was updated, expanded, and renamed "Fantastic Posts & Where to Find Them" in November 2002.[2] It moved to in 2003.

The site contained "Facts, speculation, and analysis from the most dedicated fans in the Muggle world to answer all your tough questions about the Harry Potter universe."


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