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Name: Neil Ward
Alias(es): Flying Ford Anglia, FlyingFordAnglia
Type: moderator, meta writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter
Communities: HPforGrownups
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Neil Ward is an early Harry Potter fan best known for his involvement with the Yahoo! group HPforGrownups (HPfGU) and his work at The Harry Potter Lexicon.

Neil made his fist post at HPfGU in September 2000 and joined the group's first moderator team in January 2001.[1] As of September 2002, Neil was one of the most active members of the list,[1] and he remained a moderator until early 2003.[2] He was among HPfGU members quoted in the 2001 article "Harry Potter hanky-panky" about the Goblet of Fire wand order error.

Two of Neil's essays, both exploring questions about Hogwarts, are hosted at The Harry Potter Lexicon. He was also co-editor of the Lexicon's Strictly British guide and has provided a British perspective elsewhere on the site.[3] Steve Vander Ark described him in 2014 as "an old friend of mine from the early days of Potter fandom."[4]


At The Harry Potter Lexicon:

HPfGU Fantastic Posts overviews:


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