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Name: Ebony Elizabeth Thomas
Alias(es): AngieJ, others
Type: fan writer, acafan
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, etc.
URL: @Ebonyteach on Twitter
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Ebony Elizabeth Thomas is a fan writer and acafan.

She was active in the Harry Potter fandom in the early 2000s, where she wrote under the penname AngieJ (after the character Angelina Johnson) and was known for her 2001 novel Trouble in Paradise. [1] She was a prolific poster on Harry Potter mailing lists, and was a BNF at Harry Potter for Grownups and FictionAlley. She removed her Harry Potter fanfiction from the 'net in 2006.

Ebony has since been involved in "about 20" different fandoms under other pseudonyms, which she does not publicly link.[2]

Ebony was interviewed for Fansplaining in the October 2015 episode "The Dark Fantastic".


  1. ^ The first chapter was posted to FanFiction.net on December 17, 2000 : "After months of shameless plugs for just about every author of note in the fandom... Penny's given me permission to post a shameless plug of my own. The first chapter of my fic "Trouble in Paradise" is now archived at fanfiction.net. It's listed as "Trouble in Paradise 01 - Christmas With The Weasleys." The genre is romance. My name over there is AngieJ. Persons acknowledged here and in the author's not include my phenomenal betas (Penny, Carole, Michelle, Heidi, and Pippin), a famous author in the fandom who offered encouragement when I didn't think I could do it (Cassandra Claire), and the entire HP4GU group for the Christmas dinner -- with special shouts out in the a/n to Scott, Michelle, Neil, and Penny. In this case, it took a village to raise the child... if the first chapter of this fic can be considered a kid. :)" -- comment at Harry Potter for Grownups
  2. ^ Fansplaining: The Dark Fantastic: "I’m going to actually disclose another fandom that I’ve been in since Harry Potter. I’ve done maybe about 20 to different degrees. [...] I usually use pseudonyms, I’ve learned since Potter, ugh! I use pseudonyms, I’m very careful, [...but] I’ve been writing fanfiction and everything."