Carole Estes

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Name: Carole Estes
Alias(es): Carole, siriologist, Cordelia
Type: fan writer, moderator, beta reader
Fandoms: Harry Potter
Communities: ParadigmOfUncertainty
URL: Carole & Penny and Carole at FictionAlley
siriologist at LiveJournal
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Carole Estes was a Harry Potter fan, fan writer, and moderator active in the early 2000s.

Carole was a mod of the ParadigmOfUncertainty Yahoo! Group and was one of the founders of FictionAlley. She was the Site Logistics Coordinator for Nimbus 2003 and was a moderator for the "Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs" panel. She was also a beta reader and "collaborator" for AngieJ's Trouble in Paradise.[1]

Fannish History

Carole wrote in January 2005:

I’ve been at ASA [A Sirius Affair] or ASC [A Sirius Change] for nearly five years now. Penny and I started in the spring of 2000, before the publication of GoF, and before the first movie was even cast. I remember getting involved in the fandom just before Valentine’s Day, 2000. Does anyone else remember the Unofficial Harry Potter Fan Club web site? That was my first venture into HP, followed by massive involvement in the Yahoo Club HP for Grownups with vado, pennylin, heidi8, sheryll, and socialista. Then madlori posted the first chapter of PoU and I was hooked! I was one of the first to subscribe to her list and I’ve read nearly every one of the nearly 25,000 + message posted to that site. When I cut back on everything else, I still checked in and modded posts at PoU. It’s been what has kept me in the fandom these 5 years.[2]

Carole was primarily a Harry/Hermione and Sirius/OFC shipper, but wrote in 2000 that, before she started reading fanfiction, she "never dreamed there were so many people with so many opinions about who should end up with who" and she "didn't really care who went with who, because they are just kids".[3]

Carole posted at FictionAlley Park as "Cordelia", the name of the original character paired with Sirius in the Paradigm of Uncertainty universe.[4]



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