The Paradigm of Uncertainty

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For the Yahoo! Group, see ParadigmOfUncertainty.

Title: The Paradigm of Uncertainty
Author(s): Lori Summers
Date(s): c. April 2000 - September 2000
Length: 15 chapters / 121,492 words
Genre: het romance, action, mystery
Fandom: Harry Potter
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The Paradigm of Uncertainty is an early Harry/Hermione fanfic by Lori Summers, now known as Madlori.

It is the first story of a trilogy, followed by The Show That Never Ends and The Hero with a Thousand Faces. The latter remains unfinished.

This fic had its own Yahoo Group called ParadigmOfUncertainty, a public archive.


PoU is correctly classified as a mystery (could also go under action or drama easily enough. PoU has a strong romance subplot, no question that. But, it is primarily a mystery in my mind. [1]
Oh, I'll go ahead and 'me too' that... why not (*grins about [it being] the 'H/H Bible' term... I think I remember seeing that.*) While the romance subplot is central to both PoU and ASA neither one of them is "only" romance and I think PoU is correctly classified as a mystery. While ASA has both romance and a mystery plotline, I would probably characterize it as drama since it deals with all sorts of relationships, not just romantic ones... although as Ebony pointed out there are all sorts of love and a story lacking in any sort of love at all would be pretty tedious. There might not be much in the way of romantic love in canon at this point, but there's plenty of other love to keep it interesting... Harry's mother's love for him, Sirius' love for his friends and for Harry, Harry and Hermione and Ron's friendship for each other approaches love IMHO. [2]


Fanworks Inspired by PoU


  • "probably one of the best-known fics in all of fandom ... generally hailed as the Harry/Hermione fic" [4]; "the H/Hr ultimate fandom classic" [5]; "the bible of H/Hr" [6]; "known as the H/Hr Bible" [7]; "the Harry/Hermione shippers Bible" [8]; "one of the best H/Hr fics out there" [9]
  • episode 55 & 56 of PotterFicWeekly

This Story in Context: Some Powerhouse Harry Potter Fics of Early 2000s

In the early 2000s, Harry Potter fandom was still quite new, and fans were clustering and swarming in many ways that would define much of the fandom later. One of these gathering points were a group of highly admired stories by a group of well-known Harry Potter writers. These stories, posted as serials, had many fans at the edge of their seats waiting for installments.

A fan wrote in 2001:
... I went and read through the files and I found one that has all these posts that our Idols, the Goddesses Lori, Cassie, Penny, Carole and Queen Ebony wrote early in their FanFiction Careers. It was so cool. I've been feeling a bit inferior because I have major writer's block and I just read all this wonderful stuff by our pantheon so.... But Like it has a message that Cassie wrote about posting her first story and she was worried that it wasn't that good or something (never think that Cassie, you're wonderful) And I realized (sorry Goddesses) that they're all human too. I just had to laugh at some of the original ship preferences and ideas and the ideas that were born and then incorperated into their stories. [4]

The Fics

  • The Trouble in Paradise Series by Ebony Thomas
    • Trouble in Paradise (December 2000-July 2001)
    • Paradise Lost (August 2001-August 2004)
    • ficlets and cookies: Eres Todo En Mí (December 2001), Indecision (August 2001), Rules Of Engagement(September 2001)
  • The Sirius Stories

Reactions and Reviews

This fic is the first part of an ongoing story arc that covers the lives of Harry, Hermione, and their friends in the decade after graduation from Hogwarts; while her writing and plotting are tighter and better in her current WIP, Hero With A Thousand Faces, PoU really sets the standard for action, drama, mystery, romance and magic through its spot-on characterisations, canon synergy and overall writing.[5]
PoU is, IMHO, the *best* HP fanfic out there, and like Ebony I don't think it's even remotely a Danielle Steele romance. [6]

Other Recs & Reviews

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