Draco Dormiens

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Title: Draco Dormiens
Author(s): Cassandra Claire
Date(s): July–September 2000
Length: 11 chapters; 70,314 words
Genre: action/adventure, het romance
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Cover art by Taylor.

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Draco Dormiens is the first novel of Cassandra Claire's The Draco Trilogy.



Author's summary: "When an accident in Potions class turns Harry into Draco and Draco into Harry, each is trapped playing the part of the other. Romance, mistaken identities, Really Cunning Plans, evil bake sales, a love triangle, and snogs galore."[1]

Summary at ParadigmOfUncertainty (mailing list): "When an accident in Potions class turns Harry into Draco and Draco into Harry, each is trapped playing the part of the other. Romance, mistaken identities, Really Cunning Plans, evil bake sales, a love triangle, and snogs galore." [2]


Draco Dormiens was posted serially to FanFiction.Net starting in August 2000.[3] It was Claire's first fanfic and was not originally intended to be part of a series.[4] In a 2005 interview, Claire recounted:

"I wrote quite a bit of Draco Dormiens before I ever posted it -- it was a gift for a friend of mine, who asked me to write her a short story about Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter. I did. She told me it was fanfiction and I ought to post it to ff.net - so I did. [...] I was very inspired by the fan feedback once I started posting Draco Dormiens, so I think that probably had something to do with my excitement about finishing the story. It felt like a really fun communal experience, with people weighing in about plot points and romantic outcomes."[5]


From a December 2000 conversation on HP4GU:

[Ebony wrote]: Cassie classified her Draco Dormiens series as romance.... but it's more romantic comedy, and DS would be action/adventure also IMO.

[Cassie wrote]: Yes... I had a hard time deciding how to classify DD, since it was meant to be humor primarily, then romance and mystery, but I finally classed it as romance so as to avoid the rage of those how hate seeing *any* romance in their HP fics -- I figured they might as well be warned. I also agree about DS being action/adventure and have changed its categorization on ff.net to reflect that. (If only they had a romantic comedy adventure category, but alas...)

[Ebony wrote]: I've seen a few knock these ladies and other popular writers in the fandom for the "shippiness" (I tend to think it is sour grapes... if I don't like something I just don't recommend it, instead of going around ranting).

[Cassie wrote]: Thanks Ebony. <g> Hey, I'm happy just to be insulted in the same category as Lori, Penny, and Carole. But it's nice to be defended. I guess I have two Patronuses [sic] now, a Heidi-shaped one and and Ebony-shaped one....[6]

Works Inspired by DD

Fan Art


I love reading Fan Fiction, and was looking for a good Harry Potter one, and came across this one. Everyone called it "THE Harry Potter Fan Fiction". And they were right. It was like reading something J.K. Rowling had written herself! [...] The story revolves around Harry and Draco, which are stuck in each other's bodies as a result of a Polyjuice Spell gone wrong. They have to play the role of the other, so as not to raise suspicion. Like this, they both get to see what it's like to be the other. Draco, who's always envied Harry thinking his life was great, whereas his was not, finds that this is not the case. Harry, who's always hated Draco, and thought he was the most evil of students at Hogwarts, discovers that Draco actually has a heart. This piece of Fan Fiction is written in novel-length, at 207 pages. A warning: It includes the Harry/Hermione pairing, and while I'm a big Harry/Ginny - Hermione/Ron fan, I have to say, this is so well written, that I love this couple way too much! It also plays with the Draco/Hermione pairing, and we all know that this isn't too far off the actual books. One thing that makes this so amazing, and loved in the HP fandom, is, I think, the completely accurate characterisation of J.K. Rowling's characters. Yes, the pairings are changed but, the characters remain the same. Draco is still too full of himself, Harry pushes everyone whom he loves away in fear they might end up dead, Hermione is the brightest young witch of them all, and Ron... he's Ron. Only, he isn't in love with Hermione. The ending of Draco Dormiens leaves you wanting to read the sequel right away![7]
I just read "Draco Dormiens" and was surprised by Draco's characterization. For some reason, I thought Fanon!Draco had more to do with his characterization in Marysia's "The Marks We Bear." I mean, he doesn't appear to have any emotional problems, and he's genuinely confident. I suppose there are a lot of versions of fanon!Draco: abused!Draco, confused!Draco, snarky-but-not-evil!Draco, leatherpants!Draco, etc. Do you know if he tends to be more self-assured in sympathetic het fics? [8]
Definitely the best Harry Potter fanfiction I've ever had the chance of reading! Thinking back, I must've read this at the time that Claire has already started on the second book of this now famous trilogy. Her work is what got me a tad more obsessive about Harry Potter than a person normally has the right to be. [...] Before you begin to get utterly confused, please remember that Claire's story takes a rather unusual turn as the students enter year five of their Hogwarts education, so this trilogy's definitely an AU (Alternate Universe). [...] For those who thought they really knew the family relationship of the Malfoys, think again. Here you'll glimpse the story of Narcissa's past and of why she married and stayed with Lucius after all this time. Does Sirius have feelings for Narcissa and vice versa? And what is an Epicyclical Charm; why must it be protected at all costs? Why is it that only Harry and Draco are the ones who can touch a sword that once belonged to Salazar Slytherin? Who are the Magids in this tale? [...] Throughout the three stories, the reader will discover that there is more than a physical connection between the two boys. Inasmuch as Harry is connected to Voldemort through his scar, he is now connected to Draco via the failed Polyjuice Potion. For the first time in his life, Draco finds what it is like to be loved as a friend and as a brother. Risking their lives for each other in the quest to destroy Lord Voldemort and Salazar Slytherin, they become dependant on each other.[9]


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