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See MsScribe and The Ms.Scribe Story: An Unauthorized Fandom Biography for context.

one fan's graph of Msscribe's pseuds, June 2006

Soon after Msscribe started posting fanfic to Fiction Alley in December 2002, she started creating sockpuppets. They were part of MsScribe's plan to launch herself into the inner circle of Harry Potter fans, which included Cassandra Claire and others.

There were two kinds of socks. The friendly socks were always supportive and complimentary. The troll socks were created to spark outrage and attention would could be monetized as support. These troll socks were exaggerated in their vitriol, even while some of them praised her writing.

Below is a list of most of her "argyle army." [1]

Fangirl Socks

These included the socks below, all whom doted on MsScribe.

Troll Socks

The troll socks were usually Christian. They included:

  • Fermatojam, aka Louis Movello, a student at the University of Dayton and a Christian:
  • Killiganhashope:
  • Pottersginny:
    • "One of several sockpuppets created by Msscribe to troll herself so members of Fiction Alley would stand alongside her. Pottersginny was everything MsScribe's friends would not stand--a racist, Christian, homophobic Harry/Ginny shipper claiming to represent Gryffindor Tower. Also, a sucessful model for plus-size women's underwear." [3]
    • Pottersginny at Fandom Wank Wiki
  • Watchful_Entity:
    • created around August and September 2003
    • discussed at Fandom Wank, August 9, 2003 and again at Fandom Wank on September 9, 2003
    • August 2003: Watchful_entity created a moral watchdog list, a blacklist of fan writers who posted gay smut, "didn't think of the children", etc. These lists always included Msscribe
    • Watchful Entity at Fandom Wank Wiki
  • Fandom_Scruples:
  • Danitoba47:
    • "Racist sockpuppet anonymouse possibly created by Msscribe in November 2005. Danitoba's job may have been to take Narcissam's side when Msscribe blamed her for the icons inspired by Emerson of Mugglenet And His Harmonian Slaves, and to be a giant-ass racist so Narcissam would look bad by association. Danitoba flamed MsScribe's LJ with a racist icon, as well as trolling Fandom Wank. Msscribe then went to the LJ community blackfolk presenting fandom_wank as racists, citing Danitoba as an example." [4]
  • various anonymous commenters, including Melodyannsings, Kellie, and anonymice in CharityWank

Other Socks

  • karma_bitch:
    • a sockpuppet created on JournalFen so that Msscribe could gloat about the fall of Gryffindor Tower on Fandom_wank
    • Karma bitch at Fandom Wank Wiki
  • HGempress
  • Sporkify:
    • Sporkify page here, Archived version
    • Sporkify at Fandom Wank Wiki
    • "Speculation arises that Sporkify could be posting GT grudgewank because he's secretly one of the Fiction Alley mods. Heidi asks the mods (including Msscribe) if they're Sporkify and they all say no." [5]

Sporkify's Fandom Wank Posts

Sporkify's F_W posts:

  • Msscribe is referred to in a rant about incest fic posted several weeks earlier. She leaves a comment saying someone should report the rant to Fandom Wank. Four hours later, Sporkify creates a Journalfen account and posts their first wank. See untitled, January 9, 2004
  • fandom_scruples is created on LiveJournal on January 13, 2004. Fandom Scruples' first post appears four hours later. Four hours after that, Sporkify is on the scene with a wank report. fandom_scruples is making a list and checking it twice., January 13, 2004
  • Harry Potter Fandom is better than Springer!, January 24, 2004. This post, about the downfall of Gryffindor Tower is a "fairly irrelevant reference to GT's battles with "HP BNF Msscribe" and the resulting confession of accusation against Clarabella21.[6]
  • Well "Fuck me", it's Harry Potter Wank!, page one; Well "Fuck me", it's Harry Potter Wank!, page two, March 3, 2004 ("Here's where things get interesting. msscribe, a friend of lissinthecity takes off the gloves and decides to go on the offensive. Our favorite reply of hers to an annoyed poster who agrees with tartanboxers: "My God, you should be paying your Betas")
  • Mini Fiction Alley Wank, March 11, 2004. This post is important because: "Apparently feeling pressure to prove that he's not MsScribe, Sporkify reports minor Fiction Alley wank. [2] Aside from lacking the passion of the previous GT wanks, the report goes out of its way to note that Sporkify is a male college student who doesn't understand how Fiction Alley's moderating system works. The plan backfires slightly when it is revealed that the wank report was posted just two hours after FA mod slytherincess mentioned it in a filtered LJ post. Karma_bitch asks who Sporkify is to remind everyone that Msscribe already has a JF account, so there's no way she'd be this other guy! She later claims on her LJ to have been driving home from Baltimore that day. That would certainly make it difficult to have posted as Sporkify, except that it would similarly prevent her from posting as Karma_bitch 22 minutes later. Although she has avoided suspicion from her peers, Msscribe resigns her post as a Fiction Alley moderator." [7]

The Gryffindor Tower Socks

Trolls Fermatojam and Pottersginny were also set up as members of Gryffindor Tower [8] (a Harry/Ginny shipper archive) to make Gryffindor Tower look bad; Msscribe's friends were not on good terms with the Gryffindor Tower community, partly due to the 2001 StalkerGate incident. Msscribe also created gt_hidden_room, apparently to fan the flames of the Gryffindor Tower mods' impotent rage, and accused a real Gryffindor Tower mod of using Killiganhashope as his sockpuppet.


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