Fandom Scruples' Black List

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Title: (untitled)
Creator: fandom_scruples (actually MsScribe)
Date(s): January 14, 2004
Medium: livejournal post
Fandom: Harry Potter
External Links: original post, Archived version; Fandom Scruples' Black List mirror post, Archived version
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Fandom Scruples' Black List was created by one of MsScribe's sockpuppets on January 14, 2004.

It was a list of Harry Potter writers that fans should not read due to erotic content.

The list was supposed to accomplish several things: unrest and wank, and that by adding her own name to the list, MsScribe elevated herself to BNF.

The list is here[1]. It was embedded in a series of posts by Fandom Scruples here. Also see the February 13, 2004 post by fandom scruples here.

The day after it was posted, the post was archived at Slash Philosophy with the introduction: "Just because I think it's worthy of preservation, and will probably be deleted by its author as soon as she figures out that it's having an opposite effect to the one intended... here is The Blacklist so far:" [2]

A similar list is Big Name Sinners, also by one of MsScribe's sockpuppets .


We anticipated that we'd get a good deal of flames. That's why we're screening posts. Eventually they'll get bored and move on. Let me try to be clearer on what our motives are.

We're not attempting to harass anyone. We're unhappy with the way it's "okay" to simply post x-rated fic or fic with sensitive subject matter in a public forum without so much as a password or a warning. We never once said this was a campaign to get people to stop writing this type of fic. It isn't. It's your life and you can spend it writing trash if you want to, but I think you should at least be responsible enough to make a reasonable attempt to keep adult material away from children.

Why is it such a horrible idea to get people to act responsibly? We are asking those listed below to please lock down their fic. Nothing else. We aren't asking them to stop writing, or reading.

There was some controversy about ivyblossom being on the list as she locks down her fics on her website. While we applaud her doing this, we've browsed several fics on her LJ containing what we consider to be adult content and she will remain on the list until those things are locked down.

It has also come to our attention that a few of the writers mentioned are key organizing staff for Nimbus 2005 (which we won't link to) and we are calling for a boycott of that conference unless they make a reasonable attempt to keep their adult material away from underage readers. We don't think this is an unreasonable request.

Several fics found at FictionAlley we believe have crossed over the R rating (which many feel is inappropriate for a site that allows 13 year olds to register at) and we are currently in the process of compiling a letter of complaint to send to heidi8. Because she may not be aware of these fics, we have left her off the list for now.

[The List of Authors]

The list will be updated as I'm currently checking links. As a reminder, writing NC17 fanfic doesn't qualify you for this. It's only if you refuse to make this fic difficult for children to access - i.e. a password protected site. No, you may not ask to be removed from this list. I'm disabling comments to avoid people flaming the authors here, etc. If you want to be removed LOCK UP YOUR ADULT THEMED FIC. It's really that simple. It's not about censorship. It's about being responsible citizens in a community that happens to include a lot of underage readers.

Nominations are still being taken here for both Gold list and Black list members.

The List of Black Listed Authors

"If you are participating in our boycott, please don't read or review these author's works:"

ajhalluk | ali_wildgoose | altricial | anna_maria | aome | ari_o | arielchan | ataniell93 | bhanesidhe | bunny_wabit | calliope14 | camillabloom | charchusegigi87 | copperbadge | dancing_moon | darkrosetiger | eibbil_libbie | eljuno | epicyclical | fick_l_rene | glockgal | idiotparade | iscaris | ivyblossom | jade_okelani | jessindistress | jlh | kitsune13 | ladycadey | ladymaidmarian | ladysorka | legomymalfoy | lightnote_blend | likebunnies | lissinthecity | little_needle | lizardlaugh | madlorivoldmort | malfoypatriarch | misspince | msscribe | muffinbutt | nightfalltwen | nmalfoy | of_bad_faith | oulangi | purebloodygryff | r_becca | sarea_okelani | simons_flower | sincelastjuly | telesilla | tocomfortyou | trakkie | wayfairer

Some Fan Comments

Posted to "Slash Philosophy"

Excerpted comments below are from: The Blacklist (x-posted to Slashreaders), Archived version.[3]

teaforme: This blacklisting thing is just silly. I do approve of warnings, and read them and appreciate them, but sheesh. A blacklist??

honeyspider: I think I shall not participate in said boycott becuase that there is a list of all my favourite writers ^_^ Actually, might go check out a few of the ones I haven't heard of...

smirmoffmule: Wow. All the cool kids are on the blacklist.

All this hoo-hah has inspired me to go and re-do the warnings on my own site, so they're, you know, there, then I can feel like I have the moral high ground. And then I'm going reading... ^_^


You've got to be nominated for being an agent of filth. I'll nominate you, if you want ^_^


Damn... Makes me wish I wrote Harry Potter. I wonder, would smutty Hornblower get me listed?

Ah, my inner shit disturber is pleased...

elenbarithi: *sighs* All I've got to offer is original characters in a sort of bizarre AU-far-future-Middle Earth/Forgotten Realms semi-crossover-setting. They speak Sindarin, practice ansereg, and are more-or-less constantly at war with the Drow, but other than that, they really don't count as "fanfiction". Too bad, eh?

yonmei: I've also preserved a copy of it on fandomscruples, the community for reccing stories by the authors on "the blacklist". Hasn't been updated for 24 hours now. Maybe she's finally got tired when she realised that fandom wasn't going to come circling round her patting her on the back.

Excerpted comments below are from: Fandom Scruples. Here's what you can do., Archived version (January 26, 2004)


Just sit back, point, and mock giggle, my friends.

...with an occasional "WTF?!" boggle-fest thrown in as well.

Why? For one - as has been said already, these people will never succeed anyway, because COPA is aimed at those who put objectionable material on the net for commercial purposes.

Last time I checked, we slashers aren't being paid for our perviness. If we were, I'd be demanding royalties from New Line Cinema and the Tolkien estate, as well as various anime distributors.

Another note - COPA also happened to be ruled unconstitutional in March of 2003 for the second time.

2 - This is one of the wankiest things ever. Enjoy it for its entertainment value! ^_^

3 - REAL big-shots at Time Warner tried stunts like this with HP slashers a while back, as I'm sure you all remember, and look how successful THAT was. ^_~

[smirnoffmule]: REAL big-shots at Time Warner tried stunts like this with HP slashers a while back, as I'm sure you all remember, and look how successful THAT was. ^_~
I don't, I'm way too fandom-young. What happened? *gathers round*
[lavenderfrost]: *shrugs*
Cease & Desist orders, mostly, although I believe there were a few subpoenas.
Slashers fought back, and slash is as widespread now as ever, if not more so.
[filenotch]: I'm wondering if the whole thing isn't some sort of troll or stalking horse from some one (or several ones) not in the fan community.
[lavenderfrost]: If it is, it's certainly entertaining watching them get their just desserts.
F_S is a paid accout now, so we can email them. It doesn't matter that they've disabled comments. ^_~ Also - they've been reported for extortion, so that ups the amusement factor even more.
*sigh* The's so...beautiful!
*snicker* :::: [filenotch]: Thinking about this further last night I wondered whether it was a front for the publishers. They couldn't go after people through the courts, so they're going after them through misguided guerilla pressure. That's even more annoying.
[smirnoffmule]: I think a publisher would be a bit slicker about it; you know, they could make a far scarier sounding threat about copyright violation if they wanted to put the shit up people. As it is, all this person is doing is threatening with a law that is not only apparantly unconstitutional, but also is not applicable to fanfiction anyway as it specifies "commercial" purposes. Most people are seeing right through that.
Personally, I think it's a lone fundy. They refer to themselves as "we" and sign their bio as "the management" (management of what?) but this could all be so much smoke being blown up people's arses. A number of people on the flist have specifically requested that they be removed because they don't support the cause, and they have not been. Most people who have friended the journal have done so just to keep an eye on the Wank. There's no evidence that I can see that there's any weight behind this. All piss and wind. ^_^