Fandom Scruples' Black List

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Title: (untitled)
Creator: fandom_scruples (actually MsScribe)
Date(s): January 14, 2004
Medium: livejournal post
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Fandom Scruples' Black List was created by one of MsScribe's socks on January 14, 2004.

It was a list of Harry Potter writers that fans should not read due to erotic content.

The list was supposed to accomplish several things: unrest and wank, and that by adding her own name to the list, MsScribe elevated herself to BNF.

The list is here[1]. It was embedded in a series of posts by Fandom Scruples here. Also see the February 13, 2004 post by fandom scruples here.


We anticipated that we'd get a good deal of flames. That's why we're screening posts. Eventually they'll get bored and move on. Let me try to be clearer on what our motives are.

We're not attempting to harass anyone. We're unhappy with the way it's "okay" to simply post x-rated fic or fic with sensitive subject matter in a public forum without so much as a password or a warning. We never once said this was a campaign to get people to stop writing this type of fic. It isn't. It's your life and you can spend it writing trash if you want to, but I think you should at least be responsible enough to make a reasonable attempt to keep adult material away from children.

Why is it such a horrible idea to get people to act responsibly? We are asking those listed below to please lock down their fic. Nothing else. We aren't asking them to stop writing, or reading.

There was some controversy about [info]ivyblossom being on the list as she locks down her fics on her website. While we applaud her doing this, we've browsed several fics on her LJ containing what we consider to be adult content and she will remain on the list until those things are locked down.

It has also come to our attention that a few of the writers mentioned are key organizing staff for Nimbus 2005 (which we won't link to) and we are calling for a boycott of that conference unless they make a reasonable attempt to keep their adult material away from underage readers. We don't think this is an unreasonable request.

Several fics found at FictionAlley we believe have crossed over the R rating (which many feel is inappropriate for a site that allows 13 year olds to register at) and we are currently in the process of compiling a letter of complaint to send to [info]heidi8. Because she may not be aware of these fics, we have left her off the list for now.

[The List of Authors]

The list will be updated as I'm currently checking links. As a reminder, writing NC17 fanfic doesn't qualify you for this. It's only if you refuse to make this fic difficult for children to access - i.e. a password protected site. No, you may not ask to be removed from this list. I'm disabling comments to avoid people flaming the authors here, etc. If you want to be removed LOCK UP YOUR ADULT THEMED FIC. It's really that simple. It's not about censorship. It's about being responsible citizens in a community that happens to include a lot of underage readers.

Nominations are still being taken here for both Gold list and Black list members.

The List of Black Listed Authors

" If you are participating in our boycott, please don't read or review these author's works:"


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