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Title: Big Name Sinners
Creator: Fermatojam, a sock for Ms Scribe
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Big Name Sinners was a list posted regularly on LiveJournal by sockpuppet Fermatojam. It was a list of the then-popular Harry Potter fanwriters who wrote "sinful" fanfiction, particularly slash and smut.

Years later, it was revealed that the Big Name Sinners list had actually been written by one of its lesser known sinners, Ms Scribe. It is believed this list was created to raise Ms Scribe's profile within fandom, and make her a Big Name Fan alongside the other sinners.


"Are promoters of Homosexuality (including with minors), pedophilia, and smut. We need good decent readers of the Harry Potter books to stand up for themselves. We will take this fandom back. I urge you NOT to join my friends list unless you are willing to be attacked by "fans" of these filfthy people. But if you do, I will stand by your side.

I am going to Nimbus 2003, and they will have to look me in the eye." [1]


More On The Members

Many of the fanwriters included in the Big Name Sinners list are notable for varying reasons. Here are a few:

Cassandra Clare, aka epicyclical, aka thegraybook, is best known as the author of the young adult fantasy series The Mortal Instruments. In fandom, her most successful work was the Harry Potter series The Draco Trilogy, followed by Lord of the Rings fic The Very Secret Diaries. A full list of her fanworks are available here. She co-created the Harry Potter archive site Schnoogle and later joined The Inner Circle in modding later site FictionAlley.

Sarah Rees Brennan, aka mistful, aka sarahtales, is best known for her trilogy The Demon's Lexicon. She also co-wrote part of The Bane Chronicles, a companion series to The Mortal Instruments.

Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, aka AngieJ, is best known for the Harry Potter fanfic Trouble in Paradise.

Al is best known for the Drarry fanfic Snitch!. He was one of the founders of FictionAlley and one of the owners of the Yahoo! group HP_Paradise. A full list of his notable works are available here.

M. Starling is best known as a fanartist, illustrating many well-known fics including Clare's The Draco Trilogy, Thomas's Trouble in Paradise, and Al's Snitch!. She was a founder of FictionAlley and also a part of the Teenage Witches.

Plumeria was a moderator of the Roswell board at Fanforum and the SCUSA forum at FictionAlley. She co-wrote two fics with Lissanne, Separation and Reunion.

Ali Wildgoose founded the Harry Potter fan archive Diagon Alley, part of the Potterfic Alliance. She was also involved in Nocturne Alley. She made a parody of Clare's The Draco Trilogy entitled It's Evil Time (DV9).


The Big Name Sinners List was followed by the Fandom Scruples' Black List, written by another of Msscribe's sockpuppets.


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