Teenage Witches

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Name: Teenage Witches
Date(s): 2000-2001
Focus: fanfiction, parody
Fandoms: Harry Potter
External Links: The Teenage Witches at FictionAlley
Draco_Dexter at Yahoo! Groups (defunct)
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The Teenage Witches were a group of Harry Potter fans who wrote fic together.

They wrote a parody of Draco Sinister called Draco Dexter and a fic called Copacabana. Draco Dexter was first posted to FanFiction.Net in November 2000, and both stories were posted to FictionAlley in 2001.


A Bit of Description

From Hydy:

I came across this Yahoo!Club called…golly, I don’t even remember. But through there I got to know the Teenage Witches, a slap-stick assembly of sassy chicks. They wrote the wildly successful spin-off to the even more wildly successful Draco Sinister. Oddly enough, I just found out in the middle of taking the SATs that Sinister is Latin for left, and Dexter is Latin for Right! Anyway, Draco Dexter was the title of the spin off, and I didn’t see the cleverness of the title until 3 years after participating in writing it. How stupid am I really?

Oh yes. So I wrote the teenage witches many emails asking to join them and write the story with them. By then, seven installments of Draco Dexter were published on fanfiction.net. I submitted this mediocre piece of try-out fiction about a chest of drawers, Draco, a cauldron of milk, and a horny Hermione sitting in the cauldron. I beat out a couple of other auditioners and became a Teenage Witch. We wrote round robin and was being very silly. But by that time, much of the hype was gone. We got very lazy, tried our hands on some half-hearted Founder spoofs, individual projects, and are currently on a very very very long hiatus. But it was *fun* while it lasted. [2]


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