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Name: Potterfic Alliance
Date Founded: 20 November 2002[1]
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: http://home.nyu.edu/~amw243/ring/ (Wayback)
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The Potterfic Alliance is a webring for Harry Potter fanfiction sites.

The Harry Potter fanfiction community is a huge and often unwelcoming sort of place. And as it grows, it looses more and more of it's cohesion -- every day, we drift farther apart.
This project is about reversing that process; about coming together again. Because whatever your ship sail, whatever style you write in, whatever faraway corner of the fandom you've made your home, we all have something in common: our love for the books, and our driving need to expand upon them.
So. Come one! Come all! And join in the fun!

A Wayback capture from January 2004 lists 70 active members in the ring 81 and waiting for approval in queue.[1]

Member Sites

  • Adolescent Apocalypse - A site for my (Ishuca) personal fanfiction. Mostly slash (with a marked tendancy towards H/D), though it does have gen and het fanfiction. Also contains links, essays, fanfic recommendations, and song translations.
  • the Aide of Lord Voldemort - Before his 16th birthday, Harry once again travels to Number 12 Griummuald Place to join the Weasleys for the rest of the summer. But there is to be one new residence this year. This girl is the key to Voldemort. But can harry protect her? (RW/HG, HP/new char){;}
  • The Aimless Coy Den - All right, check this out - atm there are no "fics" per se (those might come soon). What I have is a sort of comic strip made from screenshots of The Sims game, all with Harry Potter characters. (Click on "Potter-ish" to see what I'm talking about.) Odd enough for ya? Not nearly enough for me! *evil grin*
  • All Kwestions Answered - 'All Kwestions Answered' is a website for people who can expand the imagination, think outside the box. There are various stories from different characters in the book.
  • Armchair Slash - Armchair_Slash is a mailing list for discussion of featured Harry/Draco slash fanfics. It's also the home of the fanfic Love Under Will, but mostly it's a place to squee about the H/D pairing. We feature weekly chats, frequent fic challenges, and general t00biness.
  • The Bard's Den - Rushlight's slash fanfiction. Present fandoms include Harry Potter, Star Wars:TPM, due South, Smallville, Final Fantasy III, The Sentinel, VampChron, and The X-Files.
  • Blotts.org - An archive of Flourish's Potterfic, as posted since 1999, and links to some recommended reading and websites.
  • Blue Rain's Quill - My work for the moment. I am willing to post other people's work, whether it is Harry Potter or not.
  • circus time- a site for bored monkeys and people who want to read meta-smut-parody
  • Digikym.com - Digikym's Harry Potter Fanfiction (Not suitable for children)
  • Dusty Corridors - Personal archive of vacuous.girl's fics and fanart. Mostly H/D, but also smatterings (yes - smatterings) of various other types. Feel the monochromatic-love.
  • Entropy - Entropy...the heat death of the universe. Taste the forbidden fruit of fanfiction, debauchery and decadence. Corruption is 98/100ths of the Constitution, baby!
  • Fanfic For Muggles - Fanfic For Muggles is a Harry Potter fan fic message board, divided into several sections. These sections include a general discussion area and a fan fiction library.
  • FictionAlley - FA hosts HP fics of all shapes, sizes and SHIPS, features irregularly scheduled challenges, a massive message board, a beta reader exchange, writing workshop and well over seven thousand fics and chapters by approximately 2000 authors. We are also a proud sponsor of Nimbus - 2003 (http://www.hp2003.org)
  • Forbidden Love: Harry/Draco - This site is mostly dedicated to Harry and Draco, and the possiblity of the two falling in love. There is fan fiction, pictures, and home-made music videos. Also there is some proof of their love!
  • GMTH's Harry Potter Fan Fic - Harry Potter fan fic of all types: slash, het and gen. Something for everyone! Mainly Snape/Hermione, Snape/Harry and Harry/Lucius.
  • Harry Potter fic @ /fiction - Personal archive for my Harry Potter fiction, mostly slash. Contains a good deal of Weasleycest as well, so be warned.
  • Harry Potter Rareslash - HPR archives fiction featuring the more uncommon slash and femslash pairings. Authors archived include Penelope-Z, Holographis, Silvia Kundera, Icarus, Bonibaru, Rushlight, and many others. A new but quickly growing archive, we currently host stories featuring rare pairings like Pince/Hermione, Lockhart/Dudley, Harry/Neville, Severus/Percy, Ollivander/Fortescue, Minerva/Sybill, Ron/Oliver and Argus/Harry. Too often, readers skip over rareslash in favor of the path more trodden. We hope you will join us in discovering this strange and wonderful genre...
  • Hogsmeade & Bree - A cross Harry Potter/Lord of the rings site for fan fiction, fan art, essays, and general fannishness.
  • HP Recs - A group dedicated to making it easier for avid Harry Potter{;}slash readers and writers to give and recieve what's new and old{;}in fantastic HP slash recommendations.
  • in a second - A fanfic archive focusing on 2nd-person POV stories.
  • Inferno-Sprite - This is a Harry Potter multi-ship archive. It has a large selection of Hermione and Severus stories. Working on the interactive portion of the site. Tis is a constatly updating site.
  • Ink Stained Fingers - A Harry Potter Slash archive for any slash pairing. Automatic upload and search engines for easy posting and locating of stories.
  • Imperio - A Harry/Draco slash archive.
  • Ivy Blossom's Harry Potter Slash - Personal archive of Ivy Blossom's Harry Potter fanfiction. Mostly slash, some femslash, some het, some gen. Fanart, a manifesto, a glossary, and lots and lots of purple.
  • Malfoy Manor - Malfoy Manor is a Malfoy Slash Archive. All stories must have a Malfoy (Draco, Lucius or Narcissa) in their primary pairing. There is an emphasis on darker stories, but lighter stories are featured as well.
  • Marysia's Potter Fics - Harry Potter slash fanfiction and cookies inc Marks We Bear and Circles of Influence (Harry/Draco).
  • Nox et Lumos - An archive devoted entirely to the Malfoys and their playthings. Mostly Malfoy/Malfoy, but all pairings involving Malfoys will be found here; slash, het, and some gen, G to NC17. Though we archive lower ratings of fiction, this site is intended for adult readers only.
  • Parseltongue - Betty's personal archive with fics, recs and links to HP slash.
  • Petrificus Totalis - This is a fanfic site that focuses on the character of Hermione Grnager. It's just starting out, but hopefully it will soon be a large archive with every Hermione ship and every rating catered for. So if you love Hermione pop on over!
  • phoenix ashes - Mistress Fyre's small, but swiftly growing archive of darkfics, fanart, and all things Slytherin! Slash friendly!
  • The Potter Slash Archive - A slash archive dedicated to Harry and James Potter, with fanfiction and fanart. Note warnings.
  • The Restricted Section - This is a site for ADULTS who read Harry Potter fanfiction where the characters do grownup stuff. We'll be perfectly honest: kids will find this boring.
  • The Seamus/Dean Archive- A small archive focusing on the sweetness which is Seamus/Dean. Come read some of the best stories out there and learn about just how cute these two can be together. Featuring stories by Clio, Khirsah, Bec, and Lix, as well as many others. {;}Be aware, some of these stories are NC-17, but all are marked. Don't read if you don't like.
  • shudder to think - Rube's site with fan fiction, reccomendations, links and more to come.
  • Silvermoon - An archive of dark fanfiction stories and poems by various authors inspired (mostly) by Harry Potter and Star Wars.
  • Untouchable Secrets - A SLASH site about the pairing James Potter/Severus Snape, with fanfics and art.
  • Veela Inc - A fanfiction mailing list. Mostly slash, but not exclusively. Updates, fics, challenges, burning conversations, you name it.


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