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Name: Silvermoon
Owner/Maintainer: Helen Vader (who lived in Slovakia)
Dates: November 2001-last update was July 2004
Fandom: Harry Potter and Star Wars
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Silvermoon, was a website (now offline) " devoted to antagonists" in Star Wars, Harry Potter, and other miscellaneous fandoms.

It hosted fiction, interviews, and links, poems.

From November 2002: "For anyone interested in statistics, the site's grown from the original 10 stories and 6 poems from 2 fandoms by 8 authors from 3 countries to the current 47 stories and 18 poems from 5 fandoms by 36 authos from 7 countries. :))) It has received 4.200 hits, which is more than I have ever imagined possible. And instead of 1.5 MB it currently occupies 7.5 MB disk space, which still leaves 292.5 MB of free space to fill... so here's to a bright fanfic future! *toasts with a cup of apple and cinnamon tea*" [1]


Harry Potter Fan Interviews*/*

Star Wars Fan Interviews


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