Silvermoon Interview with Chthonia

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Silvermoon Interview with Chthonia
Interviewer: Helen Vader
Interviewee: Chthonia
Date(s): early 2000s
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
External Links: interview is here (click on "Authors"); reference link
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Chthonia was interviewed for Silvermoon.

Some Excerpts

It's not something I've ever thought about – I really enjoy getting to know people through a purely mental medium without all the preconceptions that go with body language, gender, race, occupation etc. But now that you mention it, I suppose there is a heavy gender bias in the areas of the fandom that I've experienced. It's almost impossible to theorise about why without falling into gender stereotypes. However, since you ask I'll suggest that one reason could be that fanfiction culture fits more with women's socialised patterns of status acquisition (being near the centre of a network/being 'popular') and communication (exchanging ideas through telling stories).
favorite bad guy: There have been many over the years, from General Woundwort in Watership Down to Erik in The Phantom of the Opera. At the moment though I have to admit allegiance to Lucius Malfoy; he seems to embody something that has always hovered at the edge of my mind, and exploring him through the fandom lets me delve into that. I suspect that if I better understood the attraction I wouldn?t have such an urge to read and write about him.