Silvermoon Interview with Eilan

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Silvermoon Interview with Eilan
Interviewer: Helen Vader
Interviewee: Eilan
Date(s): early 2000s
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
External Links: interview was here; Wayback link
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Eilan was interviewed for the website Silvermoon.

See Silvermoon Interview Series.

Some Excerpts

Why did you choose your pen name?

It's the main character in Marion Zimmer Bradleys novel The Forrest House. Eilan is a very strong woman who is willing to do everything she has to do. In a way, I'd like to be like her...

When did you start writing fanfiction?

In November 2000 I think, I was 16, and I started writing only one week after I read my first fanfic. It was crap...

Would you agree that fanfiction is a genre dominated by women, and if so, why do you think it's so?

Fanfiction is definitely dominated by women. I suppose it's a different approach to literature. Women want to know 'what happens if...', whilst men are generally happy with how it's done by professionals.

This is a site devoted to antagonists. Could you reveal us your favourite Mr. Bad Guy?

It began with my 'love' for Alex Krycek who is Mulder's antagonist on The X-Files. With Harry Potter, my main fandom these days, I *love* Tom Riddle and Lucius Malfoy, and to some extent Peter Pettigrew. They are all complex characters and I like to think about why they 'went bad'.