Silvermoon Interview Series

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Silvermoon Interview Series
Interviewer: Helen Vader for Silvermoon
Date(s): 2001-2008
Fandom(s): Harry Potter, Star Wars, Tolkien, others
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Silvermoon Interview Series were conducted by Helen Vader for the website Silvermoon.

The Questions

Helen is an inquisitive person and likes to ask questions. All authors whose work is hosted at Silvermoon were asked the following seven questions:

Why did you choose your pen name?

When did you start writing fanfiction?

Would you agree that fanfiction is a genre dominated by women, and if so, why do you think it's so?

Are you a woman?

Do you also write original works (original as opposed to fanfiction)?

Has any of your brainbabies been published in "real" printed media?

This is a site devoted to antagonists. Could you reveal us your favourite Mr. Bad Guy?

Some chose to answer, some did not. [1]

The Interviews


  1. Questions