Silvermoon Interview with Helen Vader

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Silvermoon Interview with Helen Vader
Interviewer: Helen Vader
Interviewee: Helen Vader
Date(s): early 2000s
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Star Wars
External Links: interview was here; Wayback link
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Helen Vader was interviewed for Silvermoon.

See Silvermoon Interview Series.

Some Excerpts

Why did you choose your pen name?

This is a long and boring story. My pen name dates back to times when I discovered Star Wars, started to write fiction in English and wished to be called Helena. ;-) Helen Vader was just a result of my Star Wars/Helena obsession combined with a firm belief of a naive teenager that an English-writing author needs an English-sounding pen name. Years later, when I decided to publish a poem at FanFiction.Net and found out that most people don't write under their real name even if it sounds English, good old Helen suddenly came in handy.

When did you start writing fanfiction?

In my head, I've been writing fanfiction all my life, only I had no idea it's called fanfiction and that other people do the same thing, so I never actually put my ideas on paper (which was probably a good thing). The first fanfic I wrote down was a Star Wars poem inspired by John Williams's soundtrack: I was twenty-one at the time. However, I really started to be interested in writing and reading fanfiction as late as last Christmas, after I had read 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'.

Would you agree that fanfiction is a genre dominated by women, and if so, why do you think it's so?

Fanfiction is definitely dominated by women. It might be the different way of thinking – personally, I don't know any guys who'd think about stories in terms of 'what if', 'what might be' or 'what might have been'. I think most men accept a story as it is, while most women start speculating...

This is a site devoted to antagonists. Could you reveal us your favourite Mr. Bad Guy?

Darth Vader. He's such a complex, charismatic, perfect character... I can never thank George Lucas enough for giving him life and I don't think anybody can ever beat him. Then there's another Lord V., namely Voldemort, who's fascinated me ever since I read the first chapter of Harry Potter, for he just might evolve into a tragic persona, but still, Vader is my ultimate number one.