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Mailing List
Name: Armchair Slash
Date(s): 01 June 2002 - 2009 (public)
2009 - present (members only)
Moderated: yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: Aja, Erica (Dancing Rain), Maya, Amanda, Eddy, Jess, Merin, Passo, Tracy, Verdant, & Vinagrette
Founder(s): Aja & members of Draco_101
Type: discussion
Fandom: Harry Potter
Scope: Harry/Draco fanfiction
URL: Armchair Slash Yahoo! Group (members only)
Welcome to Armchair Slash!, Archived version
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Armchair Slash is a Harry Potter Yahoo! Group dedicated to discussion of Harry/Draco fanfiction.

This list was formed with the aim of discussing various aspects of Harry/Draco fanfic, while showcasing the works of fabulous writers who don't get enough attention. The order of the day is SLASH, so, if you are uncomfortable with ANY aspects of a continuing discussion about many aspects of gay male relationships, the Armchair may not be for you. In addition, this list houses Love Under Will and other fanfics by Aja and Maya, so updates, cookies, and new chapters of LUW, Underwater Light, and other things we write will be shared here semi-frequently.


The Armchair Slash FAQ states:

"This list is comprised of many members who were originally part of a Yahoo group called Draco_101, a lovely little list shared between Aja and Frances Potter, author of Resolution. While the list was still young, Frances decided to combine her two fic lists into one, so Draco_101 closed, and two new lists were formed. Frances Potter's fanfic list is now HP_Worlds_Colliding, and Armchair Slash comprises its own discussion list."[1]

The name of the group is a reference to Aja's story Love Under Will.[2]

Aja's 2012 Comments

From a 2012 interview with Aja:

When I went to Ascendio and I did the Harry/Draco thing, I was trying to tell people what I'd done and somebody yelled out "Armchair Slash!" because I had forgotten about it, that I had this mailing list called the Armchair that really was—. I kind of forget because it was my mailing list so I tend to be like, Eh. But it really was a gathering, like a social gathering place, for people for most of 2000 and 2003. We would do … essentially, we would have Sunday Armchair chats, and people would just pile in the chat and from this, we would have role playing. And sometimes we would have like fic reading, and we would just talk about Harry/Draco and stuff. One of the people that I roomed with at Ascendio was actually telling me how she had met her best friend in real life and forever on an Armchair chat in 2002, and they'd been best friends ever since, which is really sweet. [laughter] So, I did do that. It was actually started as a way to, I guess, it was me and initially it was started as a way to house my fic or updates for my fic, "Love Under Will," and also to promote writers that we really liked—Harry/Draco writers. So every month we'd feature a separate writer or couple of writers. And I remember the real reason I did it, like one of the real reasons I did it was because I wanted to be Shalott aka Astolat aka [redacted], obviously, way back in 2002 because I was her giant raving fan girl, and she was very gracious and let us do that for the month, but I think she was like the second person that I ever featured on my little list. But we would do challenges and so forth, and we'd have like an art—we were one of the first people to do like, a reverse bang—before it was called a reverse bang—in that we did a fan art challenge—like, a challenge where the art came first, and that was really cool. So yeah, we did some stuff that we did on Armchair that I always forget about. But it was—it was a really nice list and whenever people talk about their memories, a lot of them will mention the Armchair chats and so forth. It was just kind of a nice place to come and hang out.[3]

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