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Mailing List
Name: Draco 101
Date(s): 30 January 2002 - 28 June 2002 (official close)
Moderated: no
Moderators/List Maintainers: Frances Potter & Aja
Founder(s): Frances Potter
Type: fanfiction & discussion
Fandom: Harry Potter
Scope: Resolution & Love Under Will, as well as general Harry/Draco discussion
URL: groups.yahoo.com/group/Draco_101/ (defunct)
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Draco_101 was a Harry Potter Yahoo! Group mailing list started as a home for Frances Potter's Resolution. Soon after its start, the group also became home to Aja's Love Under Will.

The group was primarily for discussion of Resolution and Love Under Will, as reviews and fanart for the fics. As both stories were Harry/Draco, the list also permitted general discussion of the H/D ship.


The list was officially closed on June 28, 2002, [1] but was not deleted for at least another eight months.[2]

post history

The group closed because Frances Potter decided to consolidate her fanfiction lists, Draco_101 and HP_ComingofAge, into a new list, HP_Worlds_Colliding. Aja decided to start her own list, Armchair Slash, to host her own fanfiction and create a new venue for discussion. About a hundred list members joined Armchair Slash when it opened.[3]

The Armchair Slash website describes:

Draco_101 was founded in early 2002 to house the much-loved fic Resolution by fellow H/D author Frances Potter

Not long after, Fran invited Aja to join her, and for a few months Love Under Will and Resolution were hosted together.

Eventually, due to the popularity of Resolution and the time constraints of running two mailing lists, Fran decided to consolidate her two fic lists into a new list, HP_Worlds_Colliding.

Aja wanted to repay her karmic debt to Fran by forming a new list as well, one that would host not only her own fics, but those of talented new authors.[3]
From an early description:
Welcome to Draco 101, the home of "Resolution", Frances Potter's Harry/Draco slash story. This story is set in the last six months of their 7th year at Hogwarts.

It is also the home of “Love Under Will” by Aja. Set their 5th year at Hogwarts, this is also a slash story.

Although both stories share similar themes, they are not linked in any way. Comments, reviews, artwork etc. are more than welcome. Please feel free to post anytime.

This is a group dealing with H/D slash. This means male/male relationship of an intimate nature between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. If you don't like this premise, please unsubscribe now. There was a warning in the ‘invite’ email and here is another one. Ignore it at your peril.

This is a pretty relaxed place to be, but please take a moment to read Message Number 172, which has some ground rules for the group. The main ones are NO EXPLICIT sexual content in posts (in general please keep comments to PG-13 ratings) and also watch your language! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Draco_101/message/172

As well as discussing Resolution and Love Under Will, general comments on Harry/Draco or Draco/Harry is most welcome. But please, no other slash pairings. There are other groups for them. Thanks.

So, come on sit back in front of the big fire in Hagrid's cottage, put your feet up and let your spirits free!

“Coming of Age”, a post-Hogwarts story set in 2001 has its own group which can be found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HP_comingofage/ Harry and Draco are, again, the main characters, but this is not a slash story.[4]


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