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Mailing List
Name: Veela Inc.
Date(s): December 23, 2001-
Fandom: Harry Potter
Scope: slash
URL: yahoo group page (latest archived version, 2004)
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Veela Inc. is a mailing list and Yahoo group, a now-defunct website, and loose grouping of Harry Potter slash writers and artists. It was formed in late December 2001 by Libertine, Ivy Blossom, Kissaki, Rube, and Chrissy. Most members met in a Harry Potter slash Yahoo group. The five frequently congregated on the IRC chatroom #malfoymanor, which features prominently in Libertine's fanfic "Harry Potter and the Internet." It was formed in order to gather a community specifically for slashers and those writing and reading more mature fanfiction. Notable frequent visitors to #malfoymanor included Aja Romano, phatphatkitty, eleveninches, Aspen, Abaddon, and occasional members of The Inner Circle.

After a falling out of the original five members, a new slate of veelas appeared, including Nefeleo, Penelope Z, Olympia M, Ruby Debrazier, and digikym.

The website hosted fanfiction and included resources such as a list of Harry Potter slash writers' websites and a Harry Potter Slash Fanfiction Glossary page.