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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Fanfiction by Kest
Author: Kestrelsan
Dates: 17 May 2001 or before - 2003 (last update)
Fandom: The X-Files, Sports Night, Harry Potter, The Dark is Rising, Anackire, Gundam Wing, Ai no Kusabi, Resident Evil, Stargate SG-1, Buffyverse
URL: (Wayback link)
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Fanfiction by Kest was a personal slash website with fanfiction, recommendations, links and art.

It was a member of The Mulder/Krycek Slash Ring.

Harry Potter

Three Days - Remus/Sirius. 72k. Three days at 12 Grimmauld Place. Takes place during OotP. October 2003.

House - Remus/Sirius. 25k. Sirius, Remus, a house. Post-books. June 2003.

A Sword, a Horse, a Shield - Remus/Sirius. 12k. Some things are better off forgotten. Written for the Remix...Redux challenge. April 2003.

A Late Frost - Remus/Sirius. 7k. Remus and Sirius in the first war. Written for the Remix...Redux II challenge. May 2004.

In the Morning - Remus/Sirius. 13k. Werewolves and moonlight. Written for a circle challenge. December 2001.

Oliver/Marcus drabbles - Oliver/Marcus. 2k. Just what the title implies. December 2002.

Sir Percy and the Dragon - Gen. 48k. Percy takes a Ministry job. June 2004.

Stubby Boardman and the Cacao Bean - Remus/Luna. 15k. A washed-up former pop singer finds love in the arms of a werewolf. Or not. Written for the Remus Remix challenge. August 2004.

A Thousand Doors - Remus/Sirius. 20k. Written for the Remus/Sirius Shacking Up Sesa challenge. March 1981. Sirius collects the body of his brother.

The Dark Is Rising

Summer's Men - Will/Bran. 49k. Will goes back to Wales to see Bran, eight years after Silver on the Tree. Based on Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising series. August 2000.

Aly has written a short but very lovely sequel to Summer's Men, called The Morning After. Go read it, then tell her to write more DIR.

That Other Place (shack 82) - The Dark Is Rising. Will/Bran. 592 words. (Written for Ces' Great Canadian Shack Challenge . Go read the other ones.) December 2001.


Once of Am Xai - Rem/Lur Raldnor, Rem/Kesarh implied. 18k. Rem has some issues to work out. November 2000.

Gundam Wing

For a Strange Country - Gen. 64k. Duo deals with the events of episode 10. December 2002.

Altitude - Gen. 13k. Lady Une muses on OZ and power. November 2002.

Visitations - Zechs/Treize. 17k. Zechs has a visitor. Written for the yuletide challenge. December 2003.

Ai no Kusabi

Water and Smoke - Riki/Guy, Riki/Iason. 22k. Two loosely connected parts, both taking place pre-AnK. Trapped, Riki drifts through life. January 2002.

Resident Evil

Love Song - Jill/Chris. 18k. Sex, zombies, and good fun. January 2003.


debriefing - 5k. Fun with aliens. November 2002.

a kind of divinity - Jack/Daniel. 3k. Hanging out by the campfire. October 2002.

relativity - Jack/Daniel. 7k. Daniel goes for a walk. October 2002.


random fight scene - 7k. Because I wanted to try my hand at action. October 2002.

strange love - Wesley/Justine. 3k. Summer hiatus. October 2002.

Sports Night

A Better Game - Dan/Casey. 48k. Mike Mussina pitches an almost perfect game, and Dan and Casey have several conversations. April 2000.

Where we have been - Dan/Casey. 47k. Set during Quo Vadimus. Casey's in denial, and Dan's being obtuse. September 2000.

Snippets one and two - In the first, Dan keeps in touch with Casey from L.A. In the second, there is sports talk and schmoop. Both are parts of larger projects that were never completed, offered up here for possible enjoyment. December 2000; October 2001.


At the Station - M/K. 19k. NC-17. Post-Requiem. (for Rachel.) May 2000.

Oblation - Sc/Sk. 13k. NC-17. Post-Requiem. (for Liz.) May 2000.

Aporia - Mulder/Krycek. 39k. I'm an incessant reviser, so this is a revised version of Aporia. My thanks to Anna, kass, and aerye at the FCA for their critiques, which directly led to this revision. They are not responsible, however, for anything this version still lacks. The original story can be found here. February 2000.

In Illo Tempore - Mulder/Krycek. 122k. NC-17. A series of seven vignettes connected by common themes and plot lines, beginning immediately after Apocrypha and continuing in the time between Apocrypha and Tunguska. December 1999.

Sweet Liberty - Mulder/Krycek. 13k. NC-17. Mulder and Krycek have a disagreement in the City of Brotherly Love. Written for the M/K Fight Club. November 1999.

Our Town - Mulder/Krycek. Humor. 64k. NC-17. Mulder and Scully meet up with an old friend while investigating a missing persons case in Missouri. This story has nothing to do with the episode Our Town; I'm simply drawing from the same well. October 1999.

What You Will - Mulder/Krycek. Humor. 58k. In response to TER/MA's (now RatB) October Challenge, and is based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Mulder, Scully, and Krycek experience some romantic entanglements. October 1999.