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Pairing: Dan/Casey
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: m/m
Fandom: Sports Night
Canonical?: almost?
Prevalence: main slash pairing
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Dan/Casey is the pairing of Dan Rydell and Casey McCall in Sports Night fandom. They are the main slash pairing of the fandom; certain episodes, most notably "Thespis" and "April is the Cruelest Month", lend this relationship an almost-canon credibility.

Notable Fanfiction

From the ship manifesto[1]:

The following came up most often when I posed the question, "Which fics exemplify the Dan/Casey relationship to you?" to the Sports Night fans I know:
Debchan's A Sandwich is a Transitory Thing [1]
Charlemagne's Gynecology [2]
Bone's Two-Player Game
Sabine's Where Have You Gone, Tom Glavine? [3]
lanning's Being an Anchor [4]
pearl_o's Nutrition and Other Needs [5]

In addition, other stories by these authors plus anything by shrift, celli, nestra, or annie, I can almost guarantee will be top quality.

This is by no stretch of the imagination a complete list. It's laughably short, but like I said, the volume of good fic in the fandom is a little overwhelming. I welcome fans to reply with fic they consider essential to the fandom.

Also, a good idea is to discover which stories ring truest for you. Check out:

The Sports Night Fanfiction Archive
Our Boys, Punk and Sabine's Sports Night and West Wing recs page
Polyamorous Recommendations, Shrift and Nestra's recs page



  1. ^ scrunchy. It's Not Against the Law to Be Vaguely Gay, 18 October 2004. (Accessed 17 February 2015)