Our Boys

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Name: Our Boys
Date(s): 2001 - 2008
Archivist: Sabine and Punk Maneuverability
Founder: Sabine
Type: website
Fandom: Sports Night & The West Wing
URL: grapefruithead.com/ourboys/index.htm (wayback)
Collection at AO3 (no work add)
Our boys.png
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Our Boys was a sorkinfic archive, started in February 2001 by Sabine and her trusty sidekick Punk. At the time, Sabine was drinking down the sorkinfic with both hands and wanted to gather all the tastiest Sports Night and West Wing fanfic in one place. Our Boys archived gen, het, and slash, and visitors could browse by author, title, or pairing. There was also an accompanying Yahoo!Groups mailing list to announce when new stories were added.

The last update was in March 2002 and in early 2008, the site and its 234 stories went down due to hosting issues.[1] Since this, in partnership with the OTW, Punk has been working to recreate Our Boys on Archive of Our Own as a special Collection.


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