The Brat Queen's Castle

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: The Brat Queen's Castle
Author: The Brat Queen
Dates: March 1999 or before - 08 June 2000 or later
Fandom: The Vampire Chronicles, Fight Club, Star Wars, Batman: The Animated Series
URL: (Wayback link)
The Brat Queen s Castle.png
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The Brat Queen's Castle was a personal website with a "Library" page for Vampire Chronicles specs and other fanfiction.

I can't stop writing. I adore fanfiction and all the fun it stands for. No longer confined to the Vampire Chronicles, my stories now spread across a few other fandom universes and I'm sure more will join them as time moves on. The following, then, is my little library of stories, separated by fandom and/or genre. I hope you like them, and feedback is always appreciated.

There was also a link to a personal update mailing list at Onelist.

The page was revamped March 1999 and was likely online before 1999. The last Wayback capture is from June 8, 2000.