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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: The Brat Queen's Castle
Author: The Brat Queen
Dates: March 1999 or before - present
Fandom: The Vampire Chronicles, Fight Club, Star Wars, Batman: The Animated Series, Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series
URL: (1999) (2001) (2005) (2021)
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The Brat Queen's Castle (later The Brat Queen's Home) was a personal website with a "Library" page for Vampire Chronicles specs and other fanfiction.

I can't stop writing. I adore fanfiction and all the fun it stands for. No longer confined to the Vampire Chronicles, my stories now spread across a few other fandom universes and I'm sure more will join them as time moves on. The following, then, is my little library of stories, separated by fandom and/or genre. I hope you like them, and feedback is always appreciated.

There was also a link to a personal update mailing list at Onelist.

The page was revamped March 1999 and was likely online before 1999. Between 08 June 2000 and 04 Janaury 2001 it moved to a different URL where it stayed at least until January 2005 until it moved again. The site was last updated on April 15, 2006 but in September 2021 it was still online.

The site was a member of The Harry Potter Slash Web Ring and other webrings. It later included rants, links, a gallery, an update page and more.


Angel the Series

Regular ol' Fic

Epiphany: The series that got me started on the addiction of Angel fandom in the first place.

A Million Miles Away: A schmooptastic series written by me and Wolfling.

Cat and Mouse: An Angelus/Wesley fic that will get finished one of these years.

Stand Alone Fics: Stories that miraculously did not evolve into gigantic multi-part monsters that destroyed my brain and my free time. (Includes Strategy, even though that's technically a hyppogryph fic) Here there be hyppogryphs

Usually characterized by the absolutely insane plot bunnies that inspire them, hyppogryph fics are written to be pure fic kink masturbation on my part. The label is a warning. I'm letting you know well in advance that these are not meant to have good plot, characterization, or anything else. That being said, some people liked the fics anyway so there you go.

Also to be found here are fics that I didn't think quite worked once I was done with them, but they're here for prosperity if nothing else.

Pet: What if s5 Angel had involved Angel keeping Wesley as his own personal sex slave? What if Spike joined in? What more would I really need to say to explain why this concept appealed to me?

Protocol: Extreme AU the likes of which you can't possibly be insane enough to imagine. How insane? It's an apocalyptic world where Wes is a prince trained in the arts of pleasing a husband, and Angel is the king that he ends up being married to. This thing has a kitten, people. How much more do I need to warn you?

The RPG From Hell: Scarily enough this is not more AU than Protocol, but it's still large with the AUness and the be afraid, be very afraidness.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Stuck With A Mirror (2/26/01 - PG - 58KB) A story I wrote for some friends who are die-hard Spike fans. My first Buffy fic and I pick the strangest topic possible. Read it to see what I mean. PG for language, sort of slash-y, Spike and... well just read.

Feeling Used (6/10/03 - NC17 - 10KB) Spike/Buffy, as part of a flashfic challenge. Takes place during season 6.

Rehearsal (7/12/03 - R - 15KB) Spike/Xander, as part of a flashfic challenge. Takes place during season 4.

Fight Club

Consumer Masterbation Tyler goes shopping and does a little homework.

Animal Instincts The boys adopt dogs.

Psycho-Boy Tyler thinks about the repercussions of bringing Angel Face into Fight Club.

Merry Fight Club Christmas An oddly fluffy FC spec wherein the boys discuss Christmas nostalgia.

Snippets of a Life in Fracture A narrative interpretation of the boyz histories.

Take It Like A Man Tyler helps Jack with his education.


Changes Dick has a moment alone with his thoughts.

Partners Terry starts to realize his commitment to Bruce when he sees what happened to a commitment in Bruce's past.

Why Terry begins to ponder the depth of his newfound commitments.

Star Wars


Sith Academy - Maul fixes a car My first contribution to the SA archives.

Sith Academy - Maulerella My second SA contribution: Darth Maul as Cinderella

Sith Academy - The Qui-Gon Years Yet another SA contribution, this time a flashback to Qui-Gon's college years.

The Jedi Academy Handbook Chapter 34: Padawan Braids and Braiding An answer to the question of what's really going on with Obi-Wan's ever-changing braid.

The Mace Series

Note: This is one that I started, had all intentions of finishing, then lost the plot bunny to real life. I was going to take the stories down off of the site because of that but I was asked to leave them up. So please believe me when I say I'm not trying to tease you or anything, I'm just leaving these here for the record.

Take Nothing For Granted Mace Windu thinks over the fate of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Established Truths After their first appearance before the Jedi Council, Obi-Wan tries to bolster his Master.

Old Friends With Anakin's fate decided, our protagonists are left to deal with the fallout.

Mace Windu Obi-Wan reflects on Mace's influence in his life.


A Matter of Belief Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon debate the latter's abilities with the Force.

Shadows An Obi-Wan/Anakin pairing. Of a sort.

Harry Potter

Slyth(erin) Academy

Inspired by (and started with the blessing of) Siubhan and her Sith Academy series, I present to you Slyth(erian) Academy, the story of how young Draco Malfoy learns to hone his rage and channel true evil in Voldemort's name... while doing a whole bunch of menial crap.

Draco Malfoy Gets A Pet

What Started That Summer

A series which begins in the summer after the events of Goblet of Fire, Harry struggles to recover from everything that's happened while trying to find the right person to keep him company in the future. (Rated PG, note additional spoilers and warnings in chapter 1)

   Chapters 1 & 2
   Chapters 3 & 4
   Chapters 5 & 6
   Chapters 7 & 8
   Chapters 9 & 10
   What Happened Before the Yule Ball 


Chosen of God: The official sequel to the award-winning Jester of God and the winner of several awards. A series of letters in which our favorite vampire discusses things never mentioned in novels. (Warning - rated R for upsetting content)

Sins of the Past: The first fanfic I ever wrote. That makes this both historic and terrifying, but still and all people liked it. Read through these to go back to one of the stories that started it all as well as influenced BS writing vocabulary to this very day

Silly Stories: Vampires as everything from Batman to Dr. Suess to Tom Servo. It's hard to get stranger than this but I often succeed.

Stand Alone Stories: Stories written for friends, for challenges and for plot bunnies that would not leave me alone.

Dagger of the Mind: Not the full RPG, sadly that's been lost to the annals of time, but a few stories that were based off of it that I happened to be a part of.



  • A Rant About Buffy Fanfic
  • Another Rant About Buffy Fanfic
  • Harry Potter is Not the Spawn of Satan
  • Why I took my stories off of
  • Why do people write fanfic?
  • To Crit or Not to Crit?
  • Why Internet Manners Changed


Bad Evil Things The home of Meredith and Keren, they write Buffy/Spike, they are my BFFs, they fight crime rock in stereo.

The Diamnd Edge and Tangled Threads Mer's other website, where you can find the fic she's written on her own. Including some of that icky slash stuff you might have heard about.

Pointy Stakes is where Mad Poetess puts some of her insanity. She writes, she vids, she bitches, she has yet to kill me for my near-constant requests for icons. These are all good things.

Lost in a Story is where you can find Airawyn, who is a most spiffy writer even if for some god-unknown reason she doesn't think so.

Some Distant Galaxy, home of Bonibaru aka my mama duck. She took me under her wing to teach me vidding and graciously did not disown me when I never followed up on it.

Pretty Muses home of Byrne, one of my many cyber wives. She writes, she publishes, she enables my knitting, she enables my publishing insanities. There's quite a lot I couldn't do without her.

Misted Moon Productions, the lair of Steph, the very first of my cyber wives. I still crack up reading the stuff we wrote together.

The Flambeau Factory, the home of Torch, who I think manages to be both a wife by proxy and a grandchild of mine... or something. The abar family tree is not something to be trifled with. Her fic's pretty kick ass too.

Flaming Muse, whom I love for so many reasons, not the least of which is her mad head beta skillz over at No Limits and the fact that she bought me chicken and thyme flavored crisps when she went to the UK.

Gila's Cave, where you can find the fannish moose who writes, crafts, and has a very generous soul.

Adds Mystery, home of WesleysGirl. She writes, she vids, she tempts me to molest her on many occasions.

Jane Davitt, who writes most marvey fics that are all hot and involve history and spanking - sometimes even both.

Ficbitch, home of Kita, who was either a sister of mine or a girlfriend of mine in another life (or both), and her many fab websites.

Le Refuge, home of Neige, who makes the most fabulous artwork you'll ever see.

Obsessed much? The brainchild of Lar, who is too kind by half and who writes a sssssssssmokin' Lindsey.

Chez Moi, the website of Versailles Rose who I've known since my very first fandom... and who has yet to blackmail me for that in any way.

Wolfling's Lair, co-author, vid producer, enabler of queen of schmoop.

Just Human's Place, yet another of my cyber-wives (sensing a theme here?) JH's mad engineering skillz help enable such addictions as No Limits and my love of Tutor architecture. She also writes'n stuff.

Strange Places This is the site of Arii - listmum for the Lucharbar family and organizer of much family weirdness. If you ever wanted an explanation of the family's past, present or other fandom obsessions this is the place to go.

Croatoan Fanfic Want to find fanfic written by a certain New Orleanian author who isn't named Poppy Z. Brite? Well you can't. Check out this page to find out why.

Torquere Press A publisher that specializes in gay erotica. Again, someone you know very well might have some stories to be found there. (coughHINTcough)[1]


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