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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: The Flambeau Factory
Author: torch
Dates: 1996 – present
Fandom: multifandom
current website
mirror website
1999 to 2001
1998 to 1999 (another 1998 link)
1996 - 1997
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The Flambeau Factory is torch's (mostly) slash fanfiction site. It used to feature a rec page (see torch's recommendations) and a section with meta essays.


Meta Essays

Some of the essays are still linked from Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews[1], even if the links are now defunct.

CATEGORIZATION by Torch - in THE FLAMBEAU FACTORY. A look at the use of categorization in fanfic - how stories are labeled, how this can prove both useful and limiting.

CHARACTERIZATION by Torch - in THE FLAMBEAU FACTORY. A rather amusing look at characterization in fanfic. [...]

DISCRIMINATION by Torch - in THE FLAMBEAU FACTORY. A discussion of the pros and cons of offering reviews and criticism of fanfic. [...]

FEEDBACK by Torch - in THE FLAMBEAU FACTORY. A comprehensive look at the different perspectives regarding feedback for fanfic stories - how authors feel about it, the guilt syndrome it can inspire in readers, how useful it can be, etc.

Site Descriptions

Description from Anhedonia:

Torch. Okay, she's got a fantastic site, some of the classic Paris/Kim stories, and really exceptional Mulder/Krychek. Once you've read every story by her, read the stories she recommends - she even does that flawlessly.[2]


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