The Coldfire Trilogy

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Name: The Coldfire Trilogy
Abbreviation(s): Coldfire, CF
Creator: C. S. Friedman
Date(s): 1991, 1993, 1995
Medium: Books
Country of Origin: USA
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The Coldfire Trilogy is a series of science fiction/fantasy novels written by Celia S. Friedman. Was a finalist for NPR's Science Fiction and Fantasy Vote.[2]

The titles of the trilogy are: Black Sun Rising (1991), When True Night Falls (1993), and Crown of Shadows (1995).

Canon Overview

The events of the trilogy take place on Erna, a world colonized 1200 years prior to the events of the novels by human space travelers from a future version of Earth. While technically habitable by humans, the colonists discover upon their arrival that Erna is plagued by intense seismic activity. It is also permeated and enveloped by an energy field called the fae which responds to and manifests humans' conscious and subconscious fears and desires. These manifestations are referred to as "fae constructs" and were responsible for the deaths of many of the original colonists. In order to force a bond that would allow them to coexist with the fae (and allow some to consciously See and Work it), the colonists were forced to sacrifice their ship and all its knowledge and technology. Over the course of the next millennium their descendants spread out across Erna and developed a thriving but pre-Industrial society. Life on Erna is precarious for humans, threatened by both the seismic instability of their world and the beasts, demons, and minor gods spawned by their unconscious interaction with the fae. Humans share Erna with species brought with them from Earth, and with an indigenous feline-like species called the rakh which, influenced by humans and the fae, rapidly developed bipedalism and sentience after the colonists' arrival.


The Coldfire Trilogy has a small but insanely loyal base in fandom, most notably found on the Yuletide Archive and the LiveJournal community The Hunter's Forest. Unsurprisingly, the primary slash pairing in the fandom is Tarrant/Vryce.

From October 2005, the fandom saw an increase in activity that lasted for several months following the creation of the Coldfire Fanfic Index.