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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Ellen Fremedon's Fanfic
Author: Ellen Fremedon
Dates: 2002 or before - ?
Fandom: Harry Potter, Star Trek TOS, Beowulf, Alice in Wonderland, Sandman
URL: http://www.geocities.com:80/ellen_fremedon/index.html (2005)
http://ellen.arithmancy.net/ (2006)
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Ellen Fremedon's Fanfic was a personal fanfiction site. It was hosted by GeoCities and later moved to a different URL. The site was a member of the TSU: TrekSmut University Web Ring and the Star Trek Slash Ring. Most of the Star Trek stories were Golden Os winners and/or ASC Awards winners and the Harry Potter stories had their own page.

The link section of the site included Alt.Startrek.Creative links, author pages and resources for writers and scholars. It also featured a Pon Farr recs list.

Star Trek Stories

   "The Pleasure of His Company"
   I wrote two sections in this delightful Garak/Bashir hypertext round robin. Check it out at Strange Fits of Passion!
   "Much a-Q About Nothing"
   April 2001
   88KB -- TNG/VOY -- P/Q, J/7, others
   My story for the PQFF. Q asks Kathryn Janeway for advice on wooing a starship captain.
   March 2001
   98 KB -- TOS-- Cha/f, K/S -- [ADULT] for explicit sex, but not that much of it.
   Chapel meets an old acquaintance at the dedication of the Kirk Memorial Library.
   Yes, I still have several other stories planned for this timeline.
   "Cognitive Dissonance"
   December 2001
   25 KB -- TSU (Trek Smut University)
   All is not well in the TSU Linguistics Department.
   Special guest appearances by Saavant, Rae, and Cimorene.
   November 2001
   16 KB -- DS9/VOY/Red Dwarf -- Quark/Neelix
   The talking toaster from Red Dwarf tries to find a mate for Neelix.
   Response to my own rash promise to write a Quark/Neelix if the Internet Toaster did not win an Ig Nobel prize.
   "Life Is But A Dream"
   July 2001
   9 KB -- TOS -- K/S
   Reply to EmGee's STV Challenge. Kirk is having strange dreams.
   "The Muse And I"
   March 2001
   11 KB -- metafic
   Musefic; extremely self-indulgent
   "McCoy's Report (to Starfleet Medical re: Vulcan Biology)"
   November 2000
   3 KB -- TOS
   A filksong to the tune of "Adelaide's Lament" from Guys and Dolls.
   "Deofole on Deorcnese"
   Spring 1995; posted to ASCEML December 2000
   10 KB -- TOS
   A translation of parts of "Devil in the Dark" into Old English verse, with a Modern English prose translation for readers unfamiliar with OE. Sort of "If the Beowulf poet wrote "Star Trek".

Harry Potter Stories

   "The Fever of the Bone"
   June 2005
   96 KB-- Snape/Lupin-- [ADULT] for explicit sex and some violence.
   Five months of full moons.
   November 2004
   38 KB-- Snape/Harry/Ron-- [ADULT] for explicit non-consensual sex.
   Harry isn't broken yet. Filthy PWP.
   August 2004
   6 KB -- Harry/Ron/Hermione -- [ADULT] for explicit sex.
   Hermione expects to be in the middle. Shameless PWP.
   "Step Off Into Whiteness"
   May 2004
   43 KB -- Snape/Firenze, others implied -- [ADULT] for interspecies sexual relations (non-explicit)
   Firenze adapts to exile. Dumbledore takes in another stray. Snape doesn't save anyone.
   Remix of Juxian Tang's "Gross Infringement."
       The Long Summer Trilogy
       "Returns of the Day"
       May 2004
       17 KB -- Snape/Harry -- [ADULT] for explicit sex.
       Hogwarts is under siege, and Harry is skulking in the dungeons. A birthday fic for Fox.
       "Within The Pale"
       April 2005
       102 KB -- Snape/Harry -- [ADULT] for explicit sex.
       To survive the Dark Lord's attack, Harry must renounce what he loves-- and it isn't Snape.
       "Noons of Dryness" July 2005
       186 KB -- Snape/Harry -- [ADULT] for explicit sex.
       The siege of Hogwarts is broken at last.
   "A Strong Defense"
   August 2003
   51 KB -- Snape/Lupin -- [ADULT] for explicit sex.
   After the battle, the survivors regroup.
   Response to the three-word challenge pomegranate, catamite, leash in the third wave of the Severus Snape Fuh-q Fest; you can find the other fest stories here
   "According To My Bond"
   November 2002
   29 KB -- Voldemort/Ginny -- [ADULT] for graphic rape, non-graphic torture, and nasty Evil Overlord-type mindfucks.
   "When she was dear to us, we held her so;
   But now her price is fallen."
   Written for the Restricted Section hetsmut challenge.
       "Within His Grace, by Millefiori January 2003
       24 KB -- Snape/Neville -- [ADULT] for explicit sex and issues of consent.
       Millefiori wrote, and graciously allowed me to host, this excellent companion story to "According To My Bond," about what Snape was up to during the initiation.
   "Slowly, But Exceeding Fine"
   June 2002
   165 KB -- Snape/Black -- [ADULT] for explicit sex.
   How to kill a dementor, live with a curse, and let go of an old grudge.
   Written for the first wave of the Snape Fuh-q Fest, scenario 140: Snape has a personal health problem he wants to keep quiet. You can find all the fest stories here
   "The Skull Beneath the Skin"
   February 2002
   69 KB -- Snape/Lupin -- [ADULT] for explicit sex.
   The Dark Mark cuts deep. A werewolf understands. Response to the Virgin!Snape challenge.
       February 2003
       22 KB -- Snape/Lupin -- [ADULT] for explicit sex.
       "But our old subtle foe so tempteth me,
       That not one houre my selfe I can sustaine;
       Thy grace may wing me to prevent his art,
       And thou like adamant draw mine iron heart."
       A story in the same timeline as "The Skull Beneath the Skin," though it may be read independently.

Drabbles and Ficlets

  • "Selections From Julian Bashir's CV," Deep Space Nine, drabble.
  • "The Ritual," Star Trek: TOS, ficlet.
  • "Forget...," Star Trek: TOS, ficlet.
  • "The End of the World," Harry Potter, drabble.
  • "Pocket-Borough," Harry Potter, drabble.
  • "Secret-Keeper," Harry Potter, drabble.
  • "Contamination," Harry Potter, drabble.
  • "Creation," Lucifer, ficlet, mild smut.
  • "I Can Resist Anything But Temptation," Good Omens, ficlet, mild smut.

Author Pages

Links to author pages and other sites

Karmen Ghia_After the Rescue. Various series, mostly slash. Karmen's novel "After the Rescue" is a masterpiece of worldbuilding, with a huge cast of marvellously complex original characters and a byzantine plot that puts Dickens to shame. Her TOS short stories mostly involve Chekov; lately, Karmen has begun writing very good G/B as well.

Alara's Q-niverse. TNG, slash, het, and gen. Contains the classic Deja Q spinoff "Only Human" and its spinoffs, as well as other Q fanfic.

Doublenut's Fanfic Index. Mostly TNG, mostly slash, some het. Your first stop for Data smut on the web, this vast page archives J. Juls's often wildly funny stories and many other writers' work; her links are also worth checking out.

the flambeau factory. VOY and other fandoms, slash. Insightful essays and well-written stories by torch, including some excellent Paris/Kim. I particularly like the "Playboy of the Delta Quadrant" series, the title of which does not refer to Tom Paris.

Giffstein Productions Mostly TNG, slash and het. This site contains works by Ruth Gifford and atara stein, and their collaborations. "His Beloved Pet" is a P/Q classic; also highly recommended are atara's U2 trilogy and Ruth's "My Fair Jeanne."

Gil Shalos Fanfic. TOS gen and slash. Gil's wonderful gen story "The Fruits of Diplomacy" is here; there's a link to her old site, with the equally wonderful prequel "The Difference It Makes" and her other work.

Hafital's Smutty Star Trek Paradise. Various series, slash, het, and gen. Hafital's stories just keep getting better and better. Check out the "Speak into Silence" series of gen stories and the PWP "Burnt Sugar."

Helmboy. Mostly VOY, mostly slash. One of the most prolific writers on the 'net; I haven't read half of her best work, but what I have read is excellent. Many keyboards have been lost to Helmboy's humor; you might want to set down your drink now.

Intreat Me Not To Leave Thee. TOS K/S. This story by C.M. Decarnin is still unfinished, but even as it is, it's one of the most intense slash stories-- make that one of the most intense fanfic stories-- I've ever read. The story deals with some pretty hard-core bdsm, but even if that's not your kink it's an excellent story and worth a read-- it won me over, and I wasn't expecting it to.

Invicta's Place. DS9 and other fandoms, slash. Invicta's "Deja Jules" is one of my favorite G/B stories ever.

Invisible Planets: Jungle Kitty's Star Trek Fiction TOS, het, slash, and gen. Jungle Kitty is one of the best Kirk writers out there, and her Suzanne Brandt is one of my very favorite original characters in Trek fanfic. Her fiction ranges from gritty and dark ("Golden Boy," "The Uneasy Dancers") through zany and hilarious ("Les Liaisons Ridicules") through uplifting and stirring ("The Siege Perilous"), to name only a few of my favorites.

Isla's Home Page. Mostly TOS, slash. Islaofhope is a fine K/S writer, one of the few in 'net fandom concentrating on ER (Established Relationship) stories. Among her longer stories, I'm especially fond of "The Incident" and "The Same Mistake," and of "The Chess Game" among her PWP's, but you'll probably find your own favorites.

Istannor's Startrek Fanfic. TOS, gen and slash. Istannor's Logs and Letters series is a masterpiece of spackle, each letter and log entry interwoven with the others and with the other stories in the entity's canon; xe doesn't just write, xe channels the characters' voices.

Fresh Tracks. TOS and VOY, slash and het. Jane St. Clair seems to be retired from Trek fiction now, alas; she's one of the best stylists in fanfic and her stories are gems.

jat sapphire's story pages. TOS and others, slash, het, and gen. Jane (jat) is one of my very favorite TOS writers, and judging by her showing in the 2000 Golden O's I'm not the only one who feels that way. Her K/S diptych, "Still Amok" and "Coals of Fire", is recommended below in the pon farr recs; I also highly recommend "Kaddish," "Built on the Sand," and "Leadership..."

Kathryn Ramage. DS9, mostly slash. Several of Kathryn's stories took home well-deserved Golden O's in 2000; among the non-award-winners, I'm especially fond of the gritty "Damage Control" and the lighthearted "The Midday Meal That Dare Not Speak Its Name."

Kathleen Dailey's Fan Fiction Page. TOS and TNG, het and gen. Home of two excellent novels about the Romulan Commander from "The Enterprise Incident"; Kathleen's spackles of that episode and of "Unification" are compelling and plausible and her characters, original and canon, come to life.

Kiff's Voyager Slash Page. Various slash pairings and some J/C. Check out the "Delta Suite." The "Time's Orphans" series and the "Un" suite are also excellent.

Killa's Adventures in Melodrama. Mostly TOS, K/S and quasi-gen. Killa is the giant whose shoulders we all stand on. Her novel Bitter Glass may well be my favorite work of fanfiction, but her other works-- Turning Point/Full Circle, "Surrender," "Cover of Night," "Ghost in the Machine"-- are equally renowned, and justly so.

Laura's Fanfiction. Various series, slash, het, and gen. Laura Jacquez Valentine is one of the most original fanfic writers out there, and is the acknowledged master of the PG-13 PWP. Her Darkfic recommendations are always worth checking out, even if they're in fandoms you don't read.

Lady Kardasi's Domain. Various. Here you will find kira-nerys' own fanfic, several online zines, the Spock, K/S, and P/Q fests, and other goodies. I especially recommend kira's Julian Blues suite (G/B) and the K/S PWP "Nightly Revelations". kira also hosts two sites for other writers:

Greywolf's Lair is the home of Greywolf the Wanderer, who has won the Captain Jinx award for Best Author three years running in the Golden O's. His pon farr stories are rec'ed below; you also don't want to miss the angsty "And In The Darkness Bind You" and "Folsom Prison Blues," the sweet "Fire on the Mountain," or the hot PWP's "The Naughty Cabin Boy" and "Not Fade Away."

EmGee's Stories. EmGee writes K/S/f threesomes with an OFC, and writes them very well indeed. My favorite of her stories is probably the very dark "Surrogate."

Macedon's Taberna. Various series, slash, het, and gen. Macedon and Peg's VOY novel "Talking Stick and Circle" is many readers' favorite work of fanfic; I can't praise it too highly. The "Jeu-Parti" trilogy, focusing on Jake Sisko, is also well worth reading.

Mark Stanley's Page. Mostly DS9, mostly slash. "Secrets" and "Dear Garak" are especially good.

Promised Land. All series, all pairings, and then some. This novel by The Enigmatic Big Miss Sunbeam took home the Best Story Golden O for 2000. It's a big, sprawling, summer beach novel of a book, where at the end you're surprised the characters have grown and changed so much, because they grew so gradually and naturally. An audacious AU, it follows the career of the bluegrass band Johnny Picard and his Magic Mountain Boys, from prison into stardom and beyond. And against all odds, it works, and it's a great story.

Rabble Rouser's Rec Room. Various series, mostly gen. Rabble Rouser can take characters most writers might not give a second thought-- Yeoman Rand, Captain Harriman, T'Pring-- and breathe life into them. She also has the most thorough TOS recs page I know of.

Robin's Rude Trek Stories Various series, largely slash, some het, some humor. "Of Mime and Marmots" and "Penis? Irrelevant!" are two of my very favorites, but click anywhere and you'll probably find something zany and wonderful.

Roisin Fraser. TOS, het and gen. Roisin's "Intermissions", a series of short vignettes set behind the scenes of TOS episodes, are masterpieces of simplicity; her T'Rela stories introduce us to the Akaren, a non-Surakian nomadic people of Vulcan. Varoneeka's Slash, Mush, and More Mostly TNG, slash. Varoneeka's P/Q stories are classics; her "Bond" series is rare in the genre for showing us an established P/Q relationship. The page also archives her collaborations with Ruth Gifford, and the Anon Sisters' stories, including the amazing "Escher Dreams."

Wildcat's Trek Fiction. TOS, het, slash and gen.

Wildcat's Spock/Uhura series is marvellous and compelling; "The Debussy Suite" and "The Most Forgiven" are probably my favorites, but they are all well worth reading. Her challenge pieces include some excellent and award-winning stories as well.