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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Invicta's Place
Author: Invicta
Dates: 12 July 1998 - ?
Fandom: DS9, X-Files, ER
URL: (2001) (1998)
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Invicta's Place was a personal slash fanfiction site. It was a member of The Star Trek Slash Ring.

Hi! Welcome to my site. My name is Invicta and I write fanfiction, both slash and genfic. My fandoms are Star Trek DS9, X-Files and ER. Most of the stories are set on DS9, however.


Many of the stories to be found on this site contain erotic material and have strong sexual themes. These are slash stories, i.e. they are about gay male/male relationships. If you are under 18 years of age (or below the legal age of adulthood for wherever you live), then please do not access the DS9 slash NC-17 stories page.


slash NC-17 stories

PLEASE READ THIS WARNING: The stories on this page are NC-17 slash, which means that they all include explicit descriptions of two or more men having sex. If this offends you, or if you are not legally an adult, please do not read them. By reading any of my NC-17 stories, you are confirming that you are legally of age to do so.

Hembassik Blues (Garak/Dukat, AU, rated NC-17, 86k) Dukat is aroused and angry; Garak's there to serve. Set in an alternate universe. WARNING: Warning: Contains graphic, consensual m/m sex & consensual violence.

Army Men (Bashir/Dukat, rated NC-17, 59k) Bashir and Dukat spend one last night together. WARNING: Contains m/m sex and bdsm.

Array of Weapons (Garak/Bashir, rated NC-17, 58k) Julian Bashir visits his secret holosuite programme.. WARNING: This is a dark story which contains very rough m/m sex and a lot of violence, including torture scenes. If this is not your cup of tea, please think twice before reading it. Sex is technically consensual but to me it reads more like non-consensual. (Sorry, but I don't know how to explain it better than that!)

Significant other (Garak/Dukat and Garak/Bashir/Dukat, rated NC-17, 114k) Garak meets with his secret lover Gul Dukat for a night of passion and fun. Later on, he decides that Julian Bashir really should have some fun too... WARNING: Contains m/m sex and bdsm.

Romantic challenges (Garak/Bashir, rated NC-17, 167k) Odo turns matchmaker to get Bashir and Garak together, but he encounters a few troubles along the way. WARNING: Contains m/m sex, also some angst.

Déjà Jules (Garak/Bashir, rated NC-17, 140k) Julian reveals a hidden talent to Garak, and this proves to be the catalyst in reshaping their relationship for the better. WARNING: Contains m/m sex and a little (very mild) bdsm.

ASCEM round robin (my segment) (Garak/Bashir, rated NC-17, 33k) This was my contribution to the ASCEM Round Robin, "The Small screen". The Round Robin's plot was that Picard and Q studied love and sex etc., by observing various Star Trek pairings in action, as it were. This time Picard and Q pay a visit to DS9 at an important moment for Bashir and Garak. This story can be read as a stand alone work. WARNING: Contains m/m sex.

Active Imagination (Garak/Bashir, rated NC-17, 25k) When it comes to Julian Bashir, Garak is in danger of letting his imagination run away with him... WARNING: Contains m/m sex.

Surrounded (Bashir/Dukat, rated NC-17, 64k) Gul Dukat meets Julian Bashir for the first time and is determined to seduce him. WARNING: Contains m/m sex.

Control and conquest (Bashir/Dukat, rated NC-17, 35k) Dukat and Bashir have a secret sexual relationship... WARNING: Contains m/m sex and bdsm.

Sexy, Scaly, Scary (Bashir/Dukat, Bashir/Weyoun, Bashir/Garak and Bashir/male, rated NC-17, 223k) When Bashir is forced into slavery by Dukat he must subsequently deal with the conflicting demands of his heart. WARNING: this is a pretty dark and twisted story. It contains m/m sex, violence, bdsm, angst and male rape. Sexy, Scaly, Scary won the 1998 ASCEM Golden O award for best Bashir/male story.

From Cardassia with love (Bashir/Dukat, rated NC-17, 34k) An unexpected encounter with Gul Dukat leads to a rewarding experience for Julian Bashir. WARNING: Contains m/m sex.

Follow in his footsteps (Garak/Bashir, rated NC-17, 69k) When Garak is in danger Julian feels he has to help him, but Julian then finds himself drawn into a relationship that he may not be able to handle. WARNING: Contains m/m sex.

All for you (Garak/Bashir, rated NC-17, 39k) Garak and Bashir are contented lovers, but one of them suddenly feels the need to teach the other a severe lesson... WARNING: Contains m/m sex and bdsm.

Swimming against the tide (Garak/Bashir, rated PG, 33k) Summary: It's Christmas Eve on DS9.

Metamorphosis (Q/Bashir, Bashir/Dukat, Picard/Q, rated R, 220k) Summary: Q decides to give an unhappy Julian Bashir anything that he wants, for a price, but will Julian be satisfied with the results?

Name your price (Bashir/Sloan slash, rated PG-13, 62k) Summary: Julian Bashir gets another night visit from Sloan, but this time the agent's mind is definitely not on business.

Don't mess with me (Sisko/Dukat, rated PG-13, 20k) When Dukat feels that his lover Sisko has treated him badly, it doesn't take him long to do something about it.

On top (Garak/Bashir, rated R, 19k) Garak and Bashir take part in an unusual sports match, but during the contest the nature of their relationship is called into question by Garak.

The Power of Pink! (Garak/Bashir, Jen Chapman, parody, rated PG, 22k) A famous person visits DS9...

Seriously speculating (Bashir/Dukat, rated PG, 8k) What has Julian Bashir been up to lately?

In circles (Picard/Q, rated R, 9k. WARNING: contains mild bdsm) Picard and Q have some fun together.

Shock (Garak/Bashir slash, rated PG, 3k)

Almost all gone (Garak/Bashir slash implied, rated G, 3k)

Misjudged (Garak/Bashir slash, rated PG, 4k)

Your number is up (rated PG-13, 6k) Garak and Dukat trade numerically themed insults. This story was written in response to my own number challenge.

Silly talk (rated G, 15k) Dukat spends some off-duty time in Quarks but he doesn't have much fun.

Dukat's next step (rated PG-13, 15k) My take on what happened to Dukat after the events of "What you leave behind".

The day out (rated G, 67k) Dukat takes his youngest daughter Primsela out for the day.

Getting to know you - Dukat's little helper (rated PG-13, 9k)

A very important part of Dukat's anatomy takes part in a survey.


Primary Motivation (Skinner. Mulder, rated PG-13, 84k) Mulder puts his own life at risk once too often, and Skinner is determined to rein him in for good. WARNING: Contains discipline scenes, i.e. use of corporal punishment.


Hail to the Chief (Romano/Malucci, rated R, 443k) new! Dave wants Robert, Robert wants Dave - what a neat little coincidence that is. :o) WARNING: contains sexual references, including quick references to handcuffs and spanking (but nobody gets spanked though, I promise!)