Killa's Adventures in Melodrama

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Killa's Adventures in Melodrama
Author: Killa
Dates: 02 January 1999 or before[1] - 2011 (?)
Fandom: Highlander, Star Trek, Supernatural, others
URL: (Wayback link, 2008) (Wayback link, 1999)
Killa's Adventures in Melodrama.png
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Killa's Adventures in Melodrama is Killa's fanfic page. It started out with a differend URL but later moved to SlashCity.

Main fandoms are Highlander, Star Trek and Supernatural. Other fandoms include Jeremiah, Angel the Series, Wiseguy, and Deadwood.

The site has a links and recommendations section[2] that was last updated February 2006. It also has a section for How-to tutorials, art, essays, and other assorted bits, and a page with Historical Resources for Fanfic Writers.

Description from Chelle's Nightstand:
I've read Killa's HL stories so frequently I think I may have memorized them. In additon, she's written some wonderful ST:TOS fic. I particularly enjoy her take on Kirk. Moreover, she hosts Illuferret's page, so you get two terrific writers with just one mouse click.[3]
Description from Anhedonia:
Kirk/Spock, Paris/Kim, Duncan/Methos. Slash doesn't get much better than this, and the site has some gorgeous artwork.[4]
About the recs:
"Heavily focused on Highlander and ST:TOS, but with plenty of other fandoms as well (35 other fandoms, as I write this, not including crossovers). You'll be able to find something to read here. These include music video recs."[5]

As of 2011, the page has been retired.


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