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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Fainting In Coils
Author: Anna Maria
Dates: 30 March 2003 - 2005 or later (Wayback captures)
Fandom: Harry Potter, Bring it On RPS, BtVS/AtS
URL: http://www.dymphna.net/annamaria/index.htm (Wayback link, 2003)
main page, 2003
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Fainting In Coils was a personal fanfiction site. It was listed as a Harry Potter slash author page at Veela Inc.[1] It was originally hosted at dymphna.net but had moved to a new URL by 2004.


Harry Potter


In chronological order:

Constellography November 2002 The first story I ever posted. And I actually still rather like it. Imagine that. Well, except for the last line, anyway. My WiP file includes a few other shorts that take place in the same universe, so hopefully this story will be continued one day. For now, it's an angsty Ginny-centered one-shot set in Harry's seventh year. Warning: there's some het herein. Rated R for a bit of sex.

Icicle December 2002 My first (and, thus far, last) attempt at a plot-driven fic. Personally my least favorite, but it's also the one I've gotten the most feedback on, so hey, whatever. Lily/Mrs. Lestrange, set at Hogwarts in the spring of 1977. Rated R for language and some implied sex.

Prelude Written Summer 2002, posted February 2003 Once upon a time, when I was still feeling my way into the fandom, I set out to write the great Penelope/Cho epic. I still have over a hundred pages of it on my hard drive, and most of it makes me cringe—when I dare to open the files in the first place. I still have a soft spot in my heart for the girls, though, and once, in a fit of nostalgia, I posted the story's short, fluffy, dialogue-only prologue on my LJ. Here it is, in all its sappiness. Rated PG-13 for implied sex.

Peer Pressure February 2003 Written for the First Time Bad Sex Challenge. I signed up for [Lavender/Parvati] because I thought they'd be easy to write. I so easily deceive myself. I did have fun with it, though. Rated NC-17 for painfully bad (and explicit) sex. 100-word drabbles March 2003 The challenge, which started in the Smallville fandom and then was rapidly imitated, was as follows: Your favorite pairing has broken up. Get them back together in 100 words or less. Since I have no favorite pairing, I just picked a few at random. Fleur/Cho, PG / Draco/Pansy, R / Hermione/Ginny, PG / Ron/Padma, PG-13


Premiere January 2003 So I was supposed to be writing a Bring It On ficlet, a nice Missy/Torrance story of some sort. And someday I will hopefully write that story. What happened this time, though, was a gradual evolution of Missy/Torrance into Eliza/Kirsten. So it's now Bring It On RPS. If you have a problem with Real People Slash, you'll want to stay away from this one. Rated R for sex.




Malfoy, P.I. by Nancy. “Los Angeles. City of angels. Except that most of the angels are walking around with the clap.” JK Rowling meets Raymond Chandler. I get chills reading this one. It's just brilliant. I don't even know what to say about it. In terms of H/D loveliness, characterization, genre accuracy, and just plain excellent writing, you really can't beat MPI.

A Season in Hell/After the Flood by Cassandra Claire. For all her popularity, sometimes I think Cassie's actual skill at writing is overlooked. Sometimes I even overlook it myself. Then I read this pair of fics, and all is well with the world. Each is very dark, very funny, and sufficiently smutty.

Simple by Ivy Blossom. A one-shot study on the long-term effects of sexual abuse. Probably the best piece of fiction I've read on the subject, and it's H/D to boot. Not a cheery story, though.

Snitch! by Alex Malfoy. “Snitch!” is dear to my heart. It's the first novel-length H/D story I read (and subsequently loved). It features Harry and Draco as 22-year-old gay gangsters in Muggle London, along with a recently divorced Ron and Hermione and a very strange Voldemort-centered subplot. It's not perfect — on my second reading I came across some odd plot issues, and the most recent chapter leaves much to be desired — but it's a lovely story all the same, and it altered my interpretation of canon!Harry permanently. This is the story I recommend to people new to slash.

Speak, Desire by Audrey Thurston Hirsch. The sequel to A Brief Interval Before the Resumption of Play, though I read S,D first and still prefer it. Actually, S,D would probably be my favorite fic in the entire fandom, were I forced to choose. A complex, interesting Ginny is one of my favorite things to read, and this story delivers on that in abundance. And the Harry/Draco stuff is similarly excellent. It takes all the most clichéd pairings and throws them all into one fucking awesome story. I really can't recommend this one highly enough.

Tale of the Shining Prince and sequels by Olympia. I read this after a long spell of reading the various H/D "classics" and found it something of a shock. It's almost revolutionary in its characterization of Draco: he's not at all snarky or confident, and he had a warm, loving childhood with a father whom he worships and to whom Draco is the most important thing in the world. The narrative style is incredible, and has been widely imitated ever since.

Underwater Light by Maya. One of the few H/D fics I've seen that focuses most of its energy on developing the friendship before starting on the romance. In fact, as of this writing, they haven't even kissed yet, though there are hundreds (thousands?) of fangirls eagerly awaiting that climactic moment. It's a little weak in the beginning — it starts out with Harry repeating the tasks of the Triwizard Tournament in his seventh year, which seems odd until it's finally explained seven chapters later — but it rapidly improves.

HP Femmeslash

Come Shots by Kate Bolin. Kate decided there wasn't enough hardcore f/f porn in the fandom, so she stepped up to fill in the void. And as porn goes, it really doesn't get any better than this one. Multiple Hermione pairings.

Handful of Hollow by Miss Mona. This one makes my blood boil. People complain that there are no good femmeslash fics, that there are no novel-length f/f stories with slow buildup and characterization, and yet HoH is just sitting there on Schnoogle, getting eight reviews per chapter. Anyway, it's about Millicent Bulstrode, and you should go read it right now.

If I Were You and You Were Me by Rhoddlet. The Ginny characterization reminds me of “Speak, Desire” (see below), which can only be a good thing. One of those fics that mocks the One Big Happy Weasley Family cliché in the best possible way.

Left Handed by Ivy Blossom. A lovely one-shot with a second-person Pansy POV. Ivy really knows how to write femmeslash, and it's a shame she doesn't do it more often.

Silence by Plumeria. Deals with the actual fact of being a gay teenager better than just about any fic I've read. Also has a lovely Ginny characterization.

Speak, Desire by Audrey Thurston Hirsch. Reccing this one twice, because it deserves it. It's rare that both m/m and f/f are effectively combined into a single story, I think just because most authors have a strong preference for one or the other and give more attention to that one, but this one combines the Harry/Draco and Hermione/Ginny plots flawlessly. Oh, and there's some het in there, too, just to warn you.

Straight by Mieko Belle. This story features my OTP, Penelope/Cho (and by the way, if you ever meet anyone else with that OTP, send her my way so we can bond and write each other ficlets and squeal over their perfectness and such). The pairing alone would probably be enough cause to recommend it. However, Mieko also has a lovely lyrical writing style that I adore. Very nice Penelope characterization, too.

Veela Magic by Lasair. Ooh, it's got Fleur and Cho and tons of yummy UST. And there's also this really intricate plot with Harry and Draco and the wizarding world coming to an end and a bunch of Veelas locked in a basement under the rule of Peter Pettigrew, but ooh, look at the pretty Fleur/Cho!

We All Fall Down by KatieBec. 'Tis intellifemmeslash, and there needs to be more like it. The perfect mix of angst and war and madness and sex. One-shot.

More HP

6 Ways of Unpinning a Butterfly by Serious Black. A short study of Cho, a character who is drastically underrepresented in the fandom. I don't want to give much away — it's short, just go read it.

Draco Malfoy the Amazing Bouncing ... Rat? by Maya. The best comedy fic in the fandom, even though Maya claims it was effortless on her part. Watch out for the “Super Draco!” bit.

Flame and Shadow by Maya. Yet another Maya fic, I know, but I can't help that she's such a talented and prolific writer, and anyway I think this one's the best she's written yet. It's a long one-shot, written for RS.org's het smut challenge (Ron/Pansy). It's rare to find a thorough, sympathetic Ron characterization by an H/D author, and this one is a real treat. Rated NC-17 but I think it could have gotten away with an R.

Lust Over Pendle by A.J. Hall. Possibly the best story in the HP fandom, though I don't like to assign absolute values to such things. It's Draco/Neville, but please don't let that stop you. Excellent fics transcend pairing prejudices, and besides, there's hardly any sex in this one, so you can stop worrying about squickiness. There is no other fic like it, and if you haven't read it, you're really missing out.

Not Just a River in Egypt by John Walton. “Potter? Harry? Fucked up, that boy is. Don't get me wrong, though — he's a great bloke, really good mate and all ... but romantically, he's fucked up. Doesn't know what the fuck he wants, fuck-wise.” Featuring a hilarious Ron characterization. Makes you think, too.

Of Linen by Ballyharnon. The fic that convinced many, including me, of the beauty that is Remus/Sirius. Her characterization of Remus is now canon to me. The structure of the narrative is a bit off in places, but as a character study it's definitely in the top tier of all HP fic.

An Oral Fixation by Abaddon. I try to suppress pairing-related biases, but the fact remains that Oliver/Percy fics usually bore me. Not so here. Abaddon's developed a very interesting Percy within a very short story. Well worth a read.

Playing with Fire by Aidan Lynch. The best Harry/Ron fic I've read, though admittedly I haven't read many. It's a very sweet, very realistic one-shot.

Surfeit of Curses by Heidi Tandy. The most canonical portrayal of Draco I've ever read, outside of canon itself. And he's 100% straight, too. If nothing else, it's an excellent study in the psychological effects of child abuse.

Trouble in Paradise by Ebony. One of the few long het (Harry/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, Fred/Angelina) fics I've ever really gotten into. It's a post-Hogwarts adventure story with first-person POV narrated by Angelina Johnson Weasley.

Where It Falls by Lasair. Probably my favorite fic by Las, despite the lack of blatant homoeroticism. There's plenty of heteroeroticism, though. If that's even a word. Viktor/Cho, NC-17.

Written by Cassandra Claire. Draco/Ginny, a pairing which is generally laughed off (by the people I know, anyway). Unless, of course, Cassie writes it. Lovely story, ship politics aside.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Felt Like a Kiss by Kate Bolin. Buffy and Faith in a rather unhappy relationship. But at least Faith's not going to lose her soul anytime soon. Short and different.

Mockingbird by Jane St. Clair. Faith/Cordelia, set in Angel season 1. I haven't read a lot of Cordy POV, but I'd imagine this is just about as good as it gets. Also, it's NC-17, which is always fun.

Snowflakes by Dolores. “Oz had never been to Scotland before. He had seen snow once before. He had kissed Giles twice before. He liked all three.” Yum.


Compromise by Calico. Well-written Domlijah. Mmm.

Sabotage by Calico. It's Elijah and Billy and Dom and Orlando and Viggo and ... look, I'm not generally one for orgy fics, but this one ... yeah, just read it.

Subversion by Calico. The one with the chair. Works as a companion to or independently of “Sabotage.” “Subversion” was the first RPS fic I ever read, and it caused the transformation of my once vaguely anti-RPS stance to my current wholehearted support for the Lotrips movement. Anyway, if you like smut at all, you'll like this one. Trust me. Dom/Billy.

Untitled ficlet by anatsuno. Focuses more on the Paris Métro than the traditional lotrippy smut, but that turns out to be a good thing, and the POV is awesome. Gorgeous descriptions, too.

Via Negativa by Sara. Elijah and Orlando go to Vegas. Do you really need to know more than that?



Harry Potter Fic Archives

I'm not going to bother listing FA and RS and the like. Just the ones people are less likely to know about. If you're new to the HP fandom, there's a set of links here that should help you out.

Femme Spark. A femmeslash archive, with a very pretty design. It allows you to sort fics by rating, which is nice. Run by Tank Girl and Liberty Ford.

Intellislash. If you're looking for high-quality one-shot fics, this is the place to go. A collection of stories by some of the best authors in the fandom.

Into Raspberry Swirl. The first-ever (as far as I know) HP femmeslash archive. It's pretty comprehensive, and a great starting point for people who are newly interested in femmeslash. Also, it's pink. Run by Nest Freemark.

Pure Magnetism. A very pretty site housing many Harry/Draco fics, most of above-average quality.

Other Harry Potter Sites

Floo Me, Baby! One of the most useful sites out there. Amber compiles links to HP sites as she finds them, be they fic archives, character fansites, or personal fic sites, then reviews them and puts them into a searchable database. The HP fandom version of Google.

Harry Potter Lexicon. I spend quite a bit of time here, mostly when I'm in the process of writing fics and need a list of convicted Death Eaters, or spells with three-syllable incantations, or equally random bits of information. It has a few factual errors, granted, but for canon information, it's the best source outside of, well, canon.

Madam Hooch's Broom Closet. Yeah, okay, so I run this one. But if you can't do self-promotion on your own website, where can you do it? MHBC is an informational site for Harry Potter femmeslash, with fic recs, challenges, and my own rambling explanations about the geography of the f/f fandom.

Beyond HP

Bloomwood. A very nice Lord of the Rings Real People Slash (Lotrips) archive. Get it? Bloomwood? It has pretty pictures on the front page, too.

CordySlash. Fic archive for slash stories involving Cordelia Chase (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fame). Features just about every Cordy pairing you could ever want.

Dymphna.net. Kate Bolin's domain, which houses many excellent sites, most of a fic-ish or fan-ish nature, many relating to Buffy in some way. Spend some time exploring, there's much to see here.

Fandom Wank. What? It's funny!

Fluent Fag. The slash archive for Bring It On (you know, that movie with Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku in cheerleading outfits). Speaks for itself, really.

If you have set yourself on fire, do not run. A parody of ready.gov that is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen on the Internet. There used to be hundreds of these, but alas, I think this is all that's left.

Once More, With Bitterness. An impromptu project of the TWoP Buffy boards in season 6. Fans rewrote the songs from Buffy's musical episode, substituting lyrics about their disenchantment with the direction the series was taking. A must-read for any BtVS fan.

Television Without Pity. For me, at least, a workday without TWoP is a day without sunshine. The 24 recaps are particularly good.

The Very Secret Diaries by Cassandra Claire. If you haven't read these, I can't imagine what you've been doing all this time, but get over there and read them right now. Just make sure not to imbibe any beverages while reading, lest you destroy your keyboard when you spit them out. FotR movie-related.


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